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    Starting Up A Brand New Day

    By webhead,
    Welcome to the new forum! The purpose of this forum is to be somewhere a little more controlled, fun, and generally free from annoyance and angry topics.  As you start posting, keep a few things in mind: To keep that care free attitude going, this board bans any and all political, religious, and any related discussions.  These types of topics have historically proven extremely contentious and offputting (in other words it makes us all hate each other), and we're going to avoid them completely on this board.  Don't bring up these topics, don't make jokes about them, just find something else.  There is WAY too much anger on every side of these discussions and we've had all the ones we can have.  Continuing to reference politics with jokes and whatnot is just going to irritate people so don't. On that point, if you still wish to have these discussions, please, keep visiting the Center.  This board is meant to be a companion to that board but separate and run in an entirely different way. We're going to have stricter rules than we've had in the past regarding the content of posts.  Don't troll people, avoid off color remarks, and while I understand that everyone has their own sense of humor, in the interests of the community, let's just clean it up.  You can curse and all that shit if you like, but try and keep it calm.  Don't scream curse words at each other, make disparaging jokes, and if someone says "hey I don't like that" then just stop saying it.  If you need to let loose somewhere, The Center is the place for it.  You can shitpost to your heart's desire over there.  That's the general idea, but we'll try and decide upon the official rules as a community as we go. MT and I will be asking for and assigning some mods to get us up and running.  I can't police the place by myself, though I doubt it should need much, and I want to make sure things stay relaxed and that people who are purposely annoying get banned.  This is the closest thing to a safe relaxing space we can get so I want to keep it that way.  An alternative for the folks that don't want to deal with the lawless nature of The Center! There will likely not be a mod forum.  I'm going to avoid the whole "inner circle" stuff we've gone through in the past.  If you are made a mod, it's because I trust your judgement and I need help keeping things clean. On that note, if you have a post deleted, a mod will reach out to you to tell you why.  Don't argue about it.  Take it in stride and understand that this board is meant to be a forum free from the usual off-putting behavior we've had in the past.  I want this place to lure back people that gave up posting because they didn't want to deal with it anymore.  If that's too much for you, you're more than welcome to keep posting at The Center.  No hard feelings.  This may not be for everyone just like The Center is not for everyone.  The beauty of the 2 forum setup is that you can stick with the one that matches your personality and needs more or do both. Please keep your avatars clean.  No porn, gore, or shocking imagery of any kind.  If you wish to put stuff in your signatures, we can work with you to an extent but definitely no porn either way.  It's quite simple to hide signatures of people that you don't like to see the signatures of (click the little x under their post and hide their signature), so you can probably just go ahead and hide a few people right out of the gate. The place is still going through some changes.  As of this posting that I'm putting up in advance, I'm still working on extra features (like intensify and vote) as well as getting all the emoticons up and going.  It might take a little bit.  I might not even pull the rip cord on this until we're done.  Either way, I'll also make a topic for suggestions and issues.  Keep an eye out.  It'll be pinned in the Tech Center forum (or whatever we decide to call it who knows). So in closing...