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  1. Nick

    Akira Toriyama dies at age 68

    Only 68. Damn.
  2. Nick

    Today's Birthdays - Nick

  3. Nick

    Today's Birthdays - Nick

    Hey, that was me!
  4. Nick

    WWE General

    I remembered seeing news posted that he was recovering from whatever illness he'd had and that he was getting closer to returning to the ring. Just awful.
  5. Nick

    WWE General

    Holy shit...
  6. Nick

    WWE General

    Jimmy Uso got arrested for DUI... again. Apparently he blew a .205. Fuck Jimmy Uso.
  7. Nick

    WWE General

    And just in case anyone isn't aware of why More releases Tyler Breeze Fandango Tony Nese Ariya Daivari The Bollywood Boyz Killian Dain Ever-Rise and more.
  8. Nick

    Destiny 2

    Ooooh. okay.
  9. Nick

    Destiny 2

    Looks like I got kicked out at some point.
  10. I think it's just Quicksilver from a different (Fox/X-Men) Multiverse, pulled into this world. Though I could be wrong. Have been before. Case in point, I was DEFINITELY wrong about Hayward. I thought people were going WAY too hard on him from the last episode. This one basically put a "He's an asshole" sign directly over his head. Eager for some kind of alias/nickname they can call Wanda (possibly to dehumanize her?). He's claiming Wanda's going against Vision's living will of not wanting to be turned into a weapon, but that sure as hell seems like what SWORD was doing with his body, which they had in pieces, when Wanda showed up and took it. AND trying to shoot her with a missile he had installed in that drone?
  11. This episode. Holy shit. And yeah, the idea that she "recast" Pietro by taking another one from the Multiverse to take his place... Wondered about this as well. Though I think what you said might be my guess for why? And I guess it's not surprising that two little kids aren't going to play by the rules of the show.
  12. Yeah. Monica's in Captain Marvel as a kid. Maria's daughter, Carol calls her Lieutenant Trouble.
  13. Just finished the newest episode. Holy shit. Seeing dead Vision freaked me out.
  14. Nick

    Playstation General

    The PS Plus games for February have been announced. Destruction AllStars Control: Ultimate Edition Concrete Genie
  15. Nick

    WWE General

    WWE announced that Drew tested positive for Covid.