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  1. Mera'din

    Completed Games 2022

    Now I'm looking forward to the rest of God of War even more. It's definitely a fun game so far. Finding it very hard to put down to do other things. 19.) : Vampire: The Masquerade - Sins of the Sires This is the last of the "interactive novel" games that were put out for VtM, but unfortunately far from the best. Technically speaking, I liked it better than Out for Blood since that was less Vampire and more Hunter feeling than anything, but it was a better "game" regardless. This one felt really rushed and a lot shorter than the others. Very little choice, and what there was did not feel meaningful. You get railroaded through most the story before you even really get a grasp on what's going on, and it ended way faster than expected as well. There was some interesting stuff going on, but it felt very rushed and half assed compared to all the other ones. Unfortunate note to end on with this particular run of games.
  2. Mera'din

    Famous Deaths

    These last couple have really hit me in the feels. Both were absolutely massive chunks of my childhood and it feels really weird knowing they're gone. Especially since neither was particularly old.
  3. Finally saw it. Movie pacing felt a bit slow, but appropriately so for what they were trying to convey. Barring the fact that it just couldn't be what it would have been without Chadwick Boseman, I actually enjoyed it more than the first one I think. Though I didn't really find the whole Killmonger storyline interesting so that's probably a big part of my feelings there. The way they worked with Boseman's death was well done and the movie felt like almost as much of a memorial to him in the trappings of the MCU as it did a movie. Where it wasn't that, it made interesting use of new characters. - Still not sold on the actress for Riri, but will wait until I see more to judge. Think I would have preferred them keeping her younger. - Angela Basset really stole the movie. The whole UN scene was absolutely fantastic. - Really like how they did Namor too. Felt a little iffy from the trailers, but it was well done. Honestly wasn't sure how the winged feet would go, but it worked really well. XD
  4. Mera'din

    Completed Games 2022

    18.) Horizon: Forbidden West Bought this when it came out, but kind of fell by the way side because of Elden Ring. Finally picked it back up so I could finish it before God of War: Ragnarok came out. Didn't quite manage, but got close. XD Game was pretty good. Great story which was expected. The bland, Ubisoft-style open world shit got a bit tiring about half way through (figured I was in trouble when I was about 10+ hours in before the games title popped up. ). Main and side quests were all fun and pretty interesting, but the random shit all over the place that it wants you to do got pretty dull pretty fast. Especially when you couldn't even do everything you came across until you had generic special tool to do this specific thing from the main story and had to treck back to everything later to finish it. More than once. Despite that, the main game itself was good enough to forgive most of that. They definitely set things up for another game as well, so that might be interesting if they can reign their bullshit in a little bit. Definitely some specific things I'd like to see in the next game too since the world building has great in these games too. The Platinum trophy was nice and straight forward at least and the game had absolutely fantastic accessibility options. Only better ones I've seen at this point were probably Last of Us Pt. 2
  5. I work the next seven days in a row so have to wait until the 19th to see it. 😩
  6. Mera'din

    The Peripheral (2022)

    Been looking forward to this. Looks really interesting. May try to make some time for it tonight.
  7. Mera'din

    Marvel General

    I was wondering if that wasn't what they were going for when the rumors popped up about them getting him for something a week or so ago.
  8. Yeah, a rewind of that scene would have been good. It was a pretty short episode all things considered so I don't think it would have hurt the pacing, but it kind of played in the the "that's too expensive" joke they set up with the scene transition, so I'm not super hung up about it. Everything about that was just fantastic though. I loved almost everything about this series and it's easily one of my favorite MCU entries at this point. Only a couple little things where I was like "...what?" that didn't really matter in the long run. Wonder if we haven't seen the last of Josh since they kind of left that whole thing hanging.
  9. Mera'din

    Marvel General

    It was interesting. Fun little side thing. Glad they stuck Man-Thing in it too. He was probably the best part. XD
  10. Was kind of fun to see her really Hulk out for just a bit. It would be cool if they did a storyline similar to Hulk Vol. 4 at some point. Grey She-Hulk was scary.
  11. Yeah, that was a fun one. I'm almost disappointed we're going to hit the inevitable "oh yeah, this is actually a super hero show" part since I could just keep watching her be a lawyer for dumb ass powered people forever. XD
  12. Mera'din

    Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

    I think my only complaint past not being able to even read the subtitles half the time isn't necessarily about the anime itself. Which is: Ifeel like they really squandered Adam Smasher in the game. Between the talking up he gets, and what you see of him in Edge Runners, I've been retroactively let down by the fight with him in the game. XD
  13. Mera'din

    Marvel General

    Wonder how long it will take before someone manages to lip read what they're saying just to see if they weren't just saying random shit.
  14. Mera'din

    Marvel General

  15. Mera'din

    Completed Games 2022

    17.) Elden Ring FINALLY! This game was amazing, but god damn is it enormous and time consuming too if you play games like me. I know I still didn't manage to do everything still too, not counting quests that I couldn't finish because of choices I made. Really had fun with it despite the frustration at times and the fact that I don't much care for souls games. Might actually try to wrap up the achievements too since all I have left is the ones for finding the different legendary items. The environmental storytelling in this game was beyond compare, even if the actual narrative felt a little too light handed at times. I stayed engaged though, so it couldn't' have done too bad of a job.