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  1. Deszae

    Today's Birthdays - Deszae

    Also I bought an exorbitant amount of stuffs for the office
  2. Deszae

    Today's Birthdays - Deszae

    Yooo thank you all I uh didn't know the tracker still worked I had an awesome day, days really since I took Wednesday onwards off. I went to a new Poke bowl place and saw the new spidey movie. Jamz got me new digimon figures for my office horde. Didn't get a cake yet, but there's always tomorrow lol
  3. Deszae

    Today's Birthdays - Tassifox

    Ohhh pooop happy belated birthday! I hope it was wonderful and luvs
  4. Deszae

    Today's Birthdays - Mera'din

    Happy birfs!!!!
  5. Deszae

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    You are a great catmom nelle. You made his last moments comfy and that's important. Much love ❤️
  6. I'm a weirdo and listen to reddit videos at work. This topic is one of my favorites and never gets old
  7. Deszae

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    While I was at work today, I thought about getting a sign for the door so I got this one. As he is a big baby and will sit and paw at the door to get the attention of people he likes.
  8. Deszae

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    She won't hear otherwise that her kids are perfect little angels. Look, I love my nieces and nephews and hell I've watched them grow from birth, but they are kids and make mistakes. I didn't care about her getting mad until she said degrading shit about me behind my back, pushed me in the chest, and showed her true ass self. She made it clear that I don't belong (in her view, but fuck her sideways) K is safe tho. Turns out he was hiding in the thankfully broken fireplace in the sun room the whole time.
  9. Deszae

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    Dumb freaking cat gave me quite the scare today and went missing. Found him and nearly got into a fist fight with Galeigh's sister. Tldr: I got upset that her kids scared my cat into hiding (not at them, she eavesdropped on my private venting). She went into full mommy Karen mode and put her hands on me and pushed me and I was inches close to open palmed, five-finger slapping her ass in her low calcium mouth. Yea, I'm still mad.
  10. Deszae

    Work History

    Kroger 2014: Was great until it wasn't. Chose to resign because they try to accuse me of stealing some fuckin candy apple salad (10 hour work day+co worker yelling at me= forgot to pay for lunch I made and they waited until I finished to pull me in for "stealing" Parent Teacher Store (Don't remember when I started): Pay and commute made it hardly worth it. Fort campbell Shaw gym 2017: Custodian. Soldiers are fucking nasty to clean up after, but I got used to it. Outgrew the pay real quick and move onto... Watterson CDC#1(2019-Present) Custodian lead. Pay started at 11.16 and now with the federal pay rise, I'm making about $19 an hour 40 a week. Between the pay raise and good health insurance that saved my life back in 2020, I'm hard pressed to find anything better outside MWR right now.
  11. Deszae

    Today's Birthdays - webhead

    Happy birthday dude!
  12. Deszae

    Famous Deaths

    Betty White, man. She was so close to 100. RIP
  13. Yea, it's goood. Best live action Spidey film imo. So glad that the six villians got more screen time. I know the garfield films are considered bad but I kinda want to to watch them now. Maybe when our shitternet cooperates, I will.
  14. Just want to say thank y'all for the outpouring of support from everyone here 💓 I haven't been social much and just been using the internet for games and cat videos. Right now, our goal is to get the final Christmas present for her husband: an English Bulldog pup. Not an easy find, but we're trying.
  15. Deszae

    Last Movie Watched

    Raya, it was alright. The characters and their design really stood out to the highlight of the film. Finally got to see Moana, and yeah, fuckin' waterfalls from my face. It hits close to home personally with the emotional bits and it'll be a while before I watch it again.