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  1. Deimos

    Life Update

    I think my favorite thing I've learned about it so far is that there are some theories that suggest autistic people are the first step in the next evolution it humanity. Makes me feel like a mutant. This is where my claws come out. 🌝
  2. Deimos

    Life Update

    Hello! Obviously, I don't really post on any forums that much anymore. I occasionally lurk but that's about it. I just had a recent life change happen that explains a lot in my life that I've struggled with and couldn't understand why. To back track, I went on mental health leave from my job in December. I was unraveling fast mentally and couldn't be there anymore. I started doing Instacart full time while I was on leave and that's become my primary source of income now. I formally left my job in February. Anyway, during all that I started seeing a therapist to and get an actual diagnosis outside of I'm just depressed/anxious. After a lot of talking and testing, I've been diagnosed with autism. It's obviously of the high functioning variety, but it greatly impacts my social skills, communication and being self righteous about my ways being right. Who knows, maybe if I had this diagnosis much earlier in life I wouldn't have made as many social mistakes and been such an asshole at times. Sometimes I couldn't even understand why I did the things I did, but turns out I'm literally autistic. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It's been fascinating thinking back on my life with this new perspective and trying to figure out what moments my autism actually played a role in. Anyway, don't expect me to be around a lot more suddenly, I just thought I'd share this update as I'm more than positive this newly learned about trait of mine impacted my behavior online in many ways, starting with people here. That doesn't forgive my actions and behaviors, but maybe gives new insight to them instead. Ok that's all!
  3. Deimos

    Marvel General

    I've been catching up on Marvel Comics recently and between that and learning that Feige has final say in the comics too makes me think the Eternals are going to be HUGE in the next couple of phases of the MCU. I actually think Celestials might be the next major threat. They have been a building block in the recent years in Marvel Comics. I know Eternals are strongly connected to Celestials and we've already seen them in the MCU too.
  4. He kind of does. White Wolf. This series, though, was still about closing the door on Winter Soldier. That being said, I'm pretty sure he'll more likely just be referred to as Bucky/Buck in the shows/movies.
  5. Deimos

    Jupiter's Legacy

    I thought it was extremely entertaining but ultimately doesn't do much. I was more interested in the 1932 story than the present day story. Assuming it gets more seasons I hope they keep working to bridge the gap between what they did 90 years ago and how they got to today.
  6. Deimos

    Invincible (Amazon Prime)

    The show is amazing and it's weird to see my friends name in the credits. 😂
  7. Thunderbolt Ross runs The Raft. Zemo is 100% on his way to running The Thunderbolts. Madame Hydra was almost a guess of mine for the cameo, but thought we were done with Hydra so I didn't guess her. Though, she could also be working with Thunderbolt Ross. I'm certain we'll see Madame Hydra show up in Secret Invasion.
  8. It's been strongly rumored that Zemo will likely end up arrested again but that Thunderbolt Ross will use him a part of the Thunderbolts. I don't think they are going to throw his character away. Also, I am throwing down that the Power Broker is Arnam Zola. They are making it seem too obvious that Sharon Carter is the Power Broker, so I hope it's a misdirect. I just know that we're likely to see an android in this series. They talked about the big 3 more than once (aliens, androids, wizards) and that has to be some kind of foreshadowing and I think aliens is too much for this show and we just dealt with wizards/witches. So, Android is up next. If it isn't Arnam Zola then they will probably just use a true to form Power Broker look. I am definitely expecting the power broker stuff to be wrapped up next episode with the John Walker story being in the finale episode. There is supposed to be a "big cameo" next episode of someone that has yet to be in the MCU and with no other film plans at the moment, but the actor playing the character is bigger than the character. So, I have no idea who we could be seeing. I've speculated that Mother Superior/Sin (Red Skull's Daughter in the comics, but would likely be granddaughter here if she shows up). Speaking of Red Skull, I wonder where he is. In this timeline the soul stone is gone, so it no longer requires a keeper. That means Red Skull was freed at the start of Endgame? He could absolutely have made his way back to Earth by now with 5 years 7 months of time passing since he would have been freed. Also, while not as exciting I love the down to Earth things we get to see from this stuff. I liked the loan scene because it highlights a lot of social issues that are prevalent in America, just like the scene where the cops didn't back down on Sam until they realized he was an Avenger to "If I'm Black Falcon, then are you Black Kid?" The show definitely doesn't have to be pure Superhero Drama. I love seeing the characters outside of costume as regular people trying to live a regular life. Never heard that complaint about Clint and his family, nor Iron Man and his or Star-Lord and his Mom with cancer or Steve getting picked on before he was a super soldier. I've literally only heard this complaint about regular people thing with Sam...Hmm...
  9. Deimos

    Among Us is basically Mafia

    I have the game on my phone and on my laptop now.
  10. Deimos

    Among Us is basically Mafia

    Drowning in poverty
  11. Deimos

    Among Us is basically Mafia

    I have been watching hours and hours of people playing on YouTube. Very fun.
  12. Deimos

    2020 Notable Movies

    No. They can go forever.
  13. Deimos

    2020 Notable Movies

    JANUARY Underwater Bad Boys For Life Doolittle The Turning Gretel & Hansel The Wave FEBRUARY Birds of Prey Come to Daddy Sonic the Hedgehog Fantasy Island Bloodshot The Invisible Man MARCH Onward A Quiet Place Part II Mulan APRIL The New Mutants No Time to Die Antlers Antebellum MAY Black Widow Artemis Fowl Scoob Fast and Furious 9 JUNE Wonder Woman 1984 Candyman Soul Top Gun: Maverick JULY Minions: Rise of Gru Free Guy Ghostbusters: Aferlife Tenet Jungle Cruise Morbius AUGUST Respect Bill & Ted Face the Music SEPTEMBER The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It The King's Man OCTOBER Venom 2 Halloween Kills The Witches NOVEMBER The Eternals Godzilla vs Kong DECEMBER Uncharted Samaritan Dune West Side Story This is not a full list, just the ones that I thought looked the most interesting.
  14. Deimos

    Happy New Year!

    Next year we can live under the sea.
  15. Deimos

    Today's Birthdays - Deimos