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  1. dr. b

    [Manga Chat]

    I didn't check out Fabricant 100 yet but I think I will. Something about the teaser for it piqued my interest. I totally agree re: The Elusive Samurai Samurai. That last panel Are you caught up on Sakamoto? The last few chapters have been really good! Also have to mention the recent chapters of HxH: The Phantom Troupe's origin story was fascinating and heart-breaking at the same time. Some of the panels in the chapter this week... Oh man. Please never go on hiatus again, Togashi.
  2. Yeah that's nuts. They won't be able to build a complete team through free agency though, no matter how much they spend. Player development has to go hand-in-hand with the FA signings. The M's traded for Kolten Wong. Apparently the Phils are going hard after Trea Turner.
  3. dr. b

    Gundam Thread

    So, uh... remember how episode 6 was great? 7 and 8, not so great IMO
  4. dr. b

    Completed Games 2022

    My kiddo will be getting Pokemon Violet for Christmas, so I will probably play it over the winter. I rather enjoyed Sword and Shield, but I had never played a Pokemon game before that so it was a new experience for me.
  5. dr. b

    [Manga Chat]

    Yeah, for a while there I was trying out every new series, but it's disappointing when something you start to like gets cancelled. Now I'm just going to wait and see what actually sticks around, see if there is some hype or if other folks recommend it to me, and then maybe pick it up.
  6. dr. b

    [Manga Chat]

    Yeah I'm still loving The Elusive Samurai Haven't got around to reading Ichinose Family yet, but maybe this week..!
  7. dr. b

    [Manga Chat]

    JJBA update: I finished Battle Tendency. In the end I found it dragged a bit. Overall, I might have actually liked Phantom Blood a bit more. I'm a few chapters into Stardust Crusaders and it seems like it's going to be good. Stands are an interesting new thing. PPPPPP #59 The fight currently going on in Sakamoto Days is really good stuff. All the other stuff I'm following weekly was good but I guess there was nothing really worth remarking on, except that I was disappointed to only get a special illustration from Spy x Family this week Two more weeks until a new chapter.
  8. dr. b

    Fall season 2022

    Himeno kinda makes me want to start smoking again like Aki That line in the previous episode about how life is better with vices (or something along those lines) resonates with me. I guess I've got booze for that already though. Suppose I'll pass on the cigs. Episode #7 was an instant classic.
  9. dr. b

    [Manga Chat]

  10. dr. b

    Spy X Family

    Episode #19 Chapter #71
  11. dr. b

    Gundam Thread

    Sad to see no new episode this week though...
  12. dr. b

    [Manga Chat]

    I haven't checked out that new one yet, @Psycho666Soldier , but it's on my radar. Might give it a few weeks before I dig in. Thoughts so far on JJBA + the new stuff from today: JJBA (Finished Phantom Blood yesterday and about 12 chapters into Battle Tendency) HxH #394 The Elusive Samurai #86 PPPPPP #57 Anybody else current on Choujin X? Last couple chapters have had some solid action. This is another one I get a bit lost in though. Releases seem kind of random. Also, don't think I mentioned last week: The latest Show-ha Shoten was really good IMHO. Getting more of a glimpse into Taiyo's story.
  13. dr. b

    [Manga Chat]

    That's a bummer about your health situation. Hope you start feeling better soon. re: JJK: The Shibuya Incident was a pretty tough act to follow! Some cool stuff has happened in the Culling Game arc but yeah it hasn't been as good. I'm thinking about taking a dive into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as the next thing I start reading...
  14. dr. b

    Gundam Thread

    I kind of forgot about Gundam the last few weekends... Caught up now! #5 and #6
  15. dr. b

    Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

    Finally got around to starting this over the weekend. Finished it last night. Overall, I thought it was pretty solid. Trigger did a good job as always. Got the urge now to read Neuromancer again.