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  1. MT

    Diablo 4

    Sat in the queue for about half an hour, played for about 20 minutes before getting booted. Ran fine for a bit, then would slow for a bit, and then ran fine, etc. I closed everything but the game and it still slowed down. I don't know if it's this specific error I got or if it's most errors, but I apparently had to exit the game and re-queue, which fuck that. I'll play it again later. Gonna try lowering the resolution next time I get in and see if it helps.
  2. MT

    Famous Deaths

    Lance Reddick, star of John Wick and Destiny passes away at age 60. This one really stings, he was amazing in Destiny, and one of the last voice actors who stuck around from the first game. I believe he really loved and played the game, too.
  3. MT

    Diablo 4

    Waiting for the open beta next weekend, don't feel like pre-ordering.
  4. MT

    Last Movie Watched

    6 Underground Typical Michael Bay action movie, starring Ryan Reynolds. Enjoyable action, if a lot over the top. Probably a 7/10.
  5. MT

    Today's Birthdays - dr. b

    Happy birthday!
  6. MT

    Today's Birthdays - Tassifox

    Shit, happy belated!
  7. MT

    The Flash (2023)

    Putting the thumbnail in spoiler tags because it spoils something that you wouldn't know if you knew nothing about this movie. I'll pirate the shit out of this.
  8. MT

    Completed Games 2023

    1) Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order 2) Spelunky (Olmec Run) Been watching a streamer play some Spelunky 2 got me back into that game, but at some point I wanted to give the first game a try again and see how different it was. Had a real shitty run to start off with, but was able to turn it around in the end. Playing the game again for the first time in a while was tough, I could usually get pretty far, have a decent run, and then some stupid thing would happen and kill me (as is this genre's prerogative). Guess the way to go is to start off bad and get lucky instead of start off great.
  9. MT

    Last Movie Watched

    Finally got around to seeing Nope. I really liked it. Definitely better than Us, but I didn't like it nearly as much as Get Out. The sound design in this movie is INCREDIBLE.
  10. Just watched the first episode of this last night, and it was pretty good. Natasha Lyonne is the main character who can tell when people are lying to her. One of her friends/coworkers gets killed and she's trying to figure it out, amongst other things. It's got Adrian Brody and Benjamin Bratt in it as well, and I think the entire series is directed by Rian Johnson, the guy that made Knives Out and did The Last Jedi.
  11. MT

    Last Movie Watched

    Yup. Couldn't agree more.
  12. MT

    Last Movie Watched

    Glass Onion I didn't like it as much as Knives Out, but the characters made it a fun movie.
  13. MT

    Completed Games 2023

    Here's my list from last year: Here's to 2023! 1) Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order Was trying to think of what to play while stuck in the apartment with Covid, so I replayed this. I'm hoping to start Ghosts of Tsushima after this, but I honestly have no clue where the hell my copy is.