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  1. MT

    Last Movie Watched

    Road House (2024) Fine for a shut your brain off action movie. A bunch of over the top stunts, a hero and a side villain that are basically superhuman, and a decent soundtrack. Don't think it needed to be a Road House reboot, could've been any sort of generic action movie. I'd give it maybe a 5 or an 6. Not really something I'd recommend unless you're absolutely out of options.
  2. MT

    Marvel Animation's X-Men '97

    Yeah..... yeah. Wow.
  3. MT

    Famous Deaths

    OJ Simpson dies of cancer at age 76
  4. MT

    Completed Games 2024

    1. Metroid: Zero Mission 1a. Metroid Fusion 1b. (SNES) Super Metroid 2. Metroid Dread 3. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor 4. (NES) Mega Man 2 Partner and I upgraded our CRT to a 24 inch one, so we've been playing a bunch of older systems on it lately. Yesterday I randomly decided to boot up Mega Man 2 and play for a while. I'd never beaten the game in one sitting, without cheats before.
  5. MT

    Marvel Animation's X-Men '97

    Just watched the first episode, pretty fun. Seems like an updated version of Jubilee's joining of the team back in the first season of the original show. Storm sounds exactly like she did back then (which is awesome), Wolverine sounds about 98% of the way there, and Beast is pretty close as well. I know for sure those are the three original voice actors who made a return, I don't know if any others did. I'm not worried everyone sounding like I remember, since I know it's been a long time from the original, but they get a lot right for sure. Was kind of funny recognizing the voice of The Drifter from Destiny 2 as Henry Gyrich. The first two episodes are up now and I think they'll be out weekly, which kinda sucks. But on the other hand, i'm looking forward to the rest of the season.
  6. MT

    Today's Birthdays - Lucy

  7. MT

    Today's Birthdays - dr. b

  8. MT

    Today's Birthdays - dr. b

  9. MT

    Akira Toriyama dies at age 68

    Yeah, I didn't think about it until after I posted that this should probably get its own topic.
  10. Akira Toriyama passes away at 68