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  1. Shade Aurion

    Today's Birthdays - Shade Aurion

    Thanks everyone. I ate steak til I passed out. It was a gooooood day
  2. Shade Aurion

    Top Gun: Maverick (2020)

    Because one of life's simple joys is playin' with the boys
  3. Shade Aurion

    Dr Stone

    I cannot express how upset I am that the season has ended. I want more next week
  4. Shade Aurion

    [12/07/19] Weekly What Have You Been Playing?

    Finished up GRIS and Fran Bow last week. GRIS was a beautiful and positive experience. Fran Bow turned my brain into poo. Both were great games though XD
  5. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    This is the quickest new generation pokemon thread to die easily. Still, if anyone needs any new pokemon bred, HMU
  6. Shade Aurion

    Resident Evil 3 Remake (2020)

    That's gotta come next. Its the only one of the good games in the series without a HD/PC release. It'll come next. Maybe then i'll trust them to make a new entry lol
  7. Shade Aurion

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    That was such a good movie ^_^
  8. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

  9. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    Same, though I vastly underrated Centiskorch because damn that thing wrecked house. My endgame Sword team was: - Toxtricity (Amped Form) - Corviknight - Centiskorch - Hatterene - Frosmoth - Flapple My team in Shield now is - Toxtricity (Low Key Form) - Coalossal - Cursola - Mogrem - Eldegoss - Baraskewda I'll probs switch out Eldegoss for Dragapult later though lol
  10. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    Yeah, it has different evolutionary forms based on its nature. Both are pretty powerful
  11. Shade Aurion

    Half-Life: Alyx

    It would be nice if it was a PC game with VR support buuuut its nice to have a game truly utilize VR and if any game is gonna sell VR its a new full entry title in the Half Life series. Either way, i'm just happy that Half Life is back because this is as close to a legit "Half Life 3 confirmed" til we literally get an announcement
  12. Shade Aurion

    Telsa Truck Meme Central

    It's actually grown on me. I kinda like it now
  13. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    If its the purple baby thing, it evolves and gets strong af
  14. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    My only complaint with the graphics is it's below Breath of the Wild in fidelity. BotW set the bar pretty high though but it is a 3 year old game. I agree though it's pretty pretty. The new way they do lighting and textures is great. That's the main thing that rounds out this game graphicswise. If you take Ultra Sun/Moon in Citra, pump the resolution to 4k or even 1080, throw on hardware shading and max out the antialiasing it looks pretty great but it's the new lighting and HD textures that really clean it up and make it glorious. Still disappointing that they halfassed the line up by reusing old models and making nicer textures for them but only because I wish they did it for all of them because dayum gurrrl
  15. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    Because why not gut everything