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  1. webhead

    Diablo 4

    I'm definitely waiting for launch. Not a day 1 buy but interested.
  2. webhead

    Famous Deaths

    Agreed. I fucking hate these especially. They were both such cool people too.
  3. webhead

    The Last of Us (HBO 2022)

    9 episodes released weekly. I'll wait until it is done most likely (in like March?) and binge but it's definitely nailing the atmosphere of the game from what I remember.
  4. Going with the wife on Friday around noon. Let's do this shit.
  5. webhead

    The Super Mario Bros Movie

    Yeah Chris Pratt is probably going to suck in this as much as everyone assumed. Definitely a "pirate after it comes to digital and then probably not even watch" movie but we'll see. Other than shit voice acting from the main character ( ) this could maybe be okay but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  6. Matt literally dropping out of the sky and just going "oh hi" made me laugh my ass off. I really enjoyed the show and the finale really was just perfect. It's fun to see them play with THEIR OWN TROPES now in this series. Would be better if they actually took that to heart in the movies though.
  7. webhead

    The Peripheral (2022)

    Just heard about this recently and I'm definitely interested. This looks crazy as fuck.
  8. It seemed pretty obvious Josh was a plant like immediately especially with that episode ending. I've been enjoying the series quite a bit. It's just goofy and funny and I'm totally down with it. I am loving Tim Roth in this. He has been super fun too.
  9. webhead

    Spoiler tags

    Hm one potential issue here is the text still appears in the topic summary. Not much I can do there though lol.
  10. webhead

    Spoiler tags

    New forum versions don't use BBCode anymore unfortunately. You HAVE to use the button (the SP button next to the regular spoiler eyeball button).
  11. webhead

    Spoiler tags

    Okay fuck it here we go
  12. webhead

    Spoiler tags

    Ooooh I see now. I'm sure I could do that with the built in tag system tbh.
  13. webhead

    Spoiler tags

    You know you can actually type out [spoiler] stuff [/spoiler] inside your text though and it'll do it. You don't HAVE to use the actual box. Box only shows up in a way you can't change after you've sent the post.
  14. Woops forgot to post about it. I really enjoyed the show (and so did Jovanna). It was just...comfy TV really. I haven't actually read the comics yet (I did buy some but haven't gotten to it), but she's just a fun character and her family around her really is just great. I like that things start off a bit tense with how her parents are but when she really needs them, they really do deliver. Definitely looking forward to more.
  15. I thought the power change was fine because it's the same basic kind of shit so far, just a different effect for it. Also her powers I don't think are as important as her personality and shit (admittedly I haven't seen a lot of her in the comics yet but I did get her omnibus). I like that episode. Was fun. Agree about it being sad she was such a dick to her dad though. Also spoiler tagging the topic!