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  1. Jane


    This is awesome!! Great work, respect. Helpful tip - store it near any woollen clothes you have, or vice versa. Clothes moths hate the smell of cedar.
  2. I'm going to try and book mine today, but I expect it'll be Jan when I get it - Woofie's got his a few days before Christmas, so we're hoping that he won't be too badly affected to enjoy the days off! 2nd dose was less bad than 1st, so fingers crossed.
  3. Jane

    [Game IDs]

    I like that your PSN name is just, like, your username, but a Switch ID sounds like you're a mild-mannered robot from a mysterious future... My robot name is SW-2221-5938-9798
  4. Jane

    [Manga Chat]

    Very belated update.. I LOVE it. Makes me feel like being a kid again. It's so cute, story is adorable and the artwork is incredible - contemporary but with enough shades of old-fashioned fantasy to really amp up the nostalgia for 80s kids. I'd buy some more volumes but at this point I'm hoping to get a couple for Christmas. Also... I may have caved and started buying the collector's edition volumes of Maison Ikkoku. I just love it so much. And tbh it seems like you have to just go for it with these things these days, or the short print run will mean that if you change your mind in a few years' time you'll be looking at stupid money for some or all of the volumes.
  5. Jane

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother, Tassi. Hope you're all doing ok in the circumstances...and I'm sure she was always really proud of you, especially inheriting her baking skills. (Those cookies sound amazing!)
  6. Sending you both love, Galeigh and Deszae. There aren't any words that are enough, but I hope you all have time to take good care of yourselves, and that you find the pup for her husband. I'm sure it'll be a comfort to him, even if the pup does take a while to find.
  7. Really sorry to hear that, Galeigh. Sending all good thoughts to your mum, hope she makes a swift and full recovery.
  8. Jane

    [Manga Chat]

    If it's good, when I next visit you I'll see if I can fit the first volume in my bag so you can read it.
  9. Jane

    [Manga Chat]

    Anyone here read Witch Hat Atelier? After meaning to look into reading it for a while, I found that volume 1 in English was sold out EVERYWHERE (there were a few to be found on US/Aus eBay, but the postage...). I think it was only published in 2019, so they must have underestimated how well it would sell. One site said it was being reprinted, but no estimate as to when it'd be available again. I've checked a couple of times since then, and yesterday I finally found a copy for about RRP on book depository, hooray! I really do prefer reading longer-form comics and manga in a book to on a screen if possible, so I'm pretty pleased. I have to confess not looking into what it's actually about much - the combination of the amazing artwork, the aesthetic and seemingly wholesome fantasy vibe is enough for me (I get the feeling if I googled it more I'd run into plot spoilers, rule 34 or both ). But I'm looking forward to reading it.
  10. Jane

    Happy Birthday Anelle

    HOORAY FOR JULY BIRTHDAYS Many happy returns and I hope you both had a really lovely day and weekend.
  11. Jane


    Thank youuuu! we got a bit of the nice weather (thought it might rain) without it being quite as hot as it was. Had a relaxing few days with good food. Attaching the same pics I shared on discord as I like looking at them We had our own little aperitivo picnic in our garden yesterday (we try not to eat too much meat but the speck ham and piel de sapo melon was sooo good ), and an ourdoor table at our local pizza place a couple of days before (the red dish is smoked aubergine/eggplant with tomato, and I had pizza with an egg and some other stuff). Yesterday evening made a delicious sundae with Ben and Jerry's birthday cake ice cream, lemon madeleine cake, raspberry coulis, sprinkles and white chocolate stars (oh yeah, and we did a smoothie with the leftover melon along with pear, mango, turmeric, ginger and mint, so I have had some vitamins... But that was tasty too )
  12. Jane


    Aw yeah! As Tassi says, it's looking like it might start in September - and there might be a space open (depending on how busy things are for P666S around then). (Also, YAY for passing the module! Congrats! ) Ah yeah, I remembered you mentioning someone but couldn't recall who.
  13. Jane


    Do you happen to have a saved list of these picrews? Sounds like a good idea for a thread in ye olde Creative Works forum... (I do picrews and then immediately forget where the source is, lol) I'll give the HeroForge thingy a go if I can but picrew is probably more my jam anyway. ...So stoked that it looks like we can do this! I feel like finding a time will be difficult but we'll get there somehow. I suppose we should see when Lee can reasonably do and work from there.
  14. Jane


    Awww, Lee! Our hero!