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    [Game IDs]

    Here is a thread you can drop your screen names, IDs, etc for various platforms. We do have the ability to add these to our profiles already, but a comprehensive list would be better so we can all add each other on whatever. There is a separate thread for [Mobile Game IDs] so lets keep this thread for consoles and PC game client IDs --- Battlenet: Shade#1936 Epic ID: Shade Aurion Nintendo: Shade_Aurion Switch ID: SW-4339-1393-9311 Origin: Shade_Aurion PSN: ShadeAurion Steam: shadeaurion UPlay: Shade_Aurion XBLA: Shade Aurion
  2. Shade Aurion

    Today's Birthdays - Shade Aurion

    Thanks everyone. I ate steak til I passed out. It was a gooooood day
  3. Shade Aurion

    Top Gun: Maverick (2020)

    Because one of life's simple joys is playin' with the boys
  4. Shade Aurion

    Dr Stone

    I cannot express how upset I am that the season has ended. I want more next week
  5. Shade Aurion

    [12/07/19] Weekly What Have You Been Playing?

    Finished up GRIS and Fran Bow last week. GRIS was a beautiful and positive experience. Fran Bow turned my brain into poo. Both were great games though XD
  6. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    This is the quickest new generation pokemon thread to die easily. Still, if anyone needs any new pokemon bred, HMU
  7. Shade Aurion

    Resident Evil 3 Remake (2020)

    That's gotta come next. Its the only one of the good games in the series without a HD/PC release. It'll come next. Maybe then i'll trust them to make a new entry lol
  8. Shade Aurion

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    That was such a good movie ^_^
  9. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

  10. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    Same, though I vastly underrated Centiskorch because damn that thing wrecked house. My endgame Sword team was: - Toxtricity (Amped Form) - Corviknight - Centiskorch - Hatterene - Frosmoth - Flapple My team in Shield now is - Toxtricity (Low Key Form) - Coalossal - Cursola - Mogrem - Eldegoss - Baraskewda I'll probs switch out Eldegoss for Dragapult later though lol
  11. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    Yeah, it has different evolutionary forms based on its nature. Both are pretty powerful
  12. Shade Aurion

    Half-Life: Alyx

    It would be nice if it was a PC game with VR support buuuut its nice to have a game truly utilize VR and if any game is gonna sell VR its a new full entry title in the Half Life series. Either way, i'm just happy that Half Life is back because this is as close to a legit "Half Life 3 confirmed" til we literally get an announcement
  13. Shade Aurion

    Telsa Truck Meme Central

    It's actually grown on me. I kinda like it now
  14. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    If its the purple baby thing, it evolves and gets strong af
  15. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    My only complaint with the graphics is it's below Breath of the Wild in fidelity. BotW set the bar pretty high though but it is a 3 year old game. I agree though it's pretty pretty. The new way they do lighting and textures is great. That's the main thing that rounds out this game graphicswise. If you take Ultra Sun/Moon in Citra, pump the resolution to 4k or even 1080, throw on hardware shading and max out the antialiasing it looks pretty great but it's the new lighting and HD textures that really clean it up and make it glorious. Still disappointing that they halfassed the line up by reusing old models and making nicer textures for them but only because I wish they did it for all of them because dayum gurrrl
  16. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    Because why not gut everything
  17. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    The editor for the forums is terrible. You fixing my post is after I had to edit it 3 times in a row. If it was still broken, thats not on me since all I was using were spoiler tags, bolding, underlining and coloring. One of the times I edited it, it straight up didn't save my post so I had to rewrite the final verdict 6.5 is above average which is a fair summation. I've considered things in the long term and while i'm enjoying it now. Frankly the cons vastly outweigh the pros. You don't have to be a hardcore to notice the issues, just familiar in general And while things may not bother you now, when you're done after 30-40 hours, you'll realize that yes, that's it. That's all there is. I was going to give it a 7 but it just didn't feel right to put it on par with games that don't have such a long list of cons. It might be fine for someone who hasn't played pokemon, that doesn't have anything in pokebank waiting months for the release of pokemon home, but new players are a small percentage of pokemon's demographic as the games are made to continue over through generations. Comparing it to the last release (which at 1080p via Citra looks almost as good) taking into account the reused models, the gutted mechanics and staples.. 6.5 is a very fair rating IMHO If there was a rating between 6.5 and 7, i'd have given it that lol Story and region are bonuses in the grand scheme of a pokemon title. You don't want people to be done with it after a week or two. Longevity is important and when you've caught all the new ones and finished the story the game is suddenly very empty and ultimately less satisfying than normal. The lack of legendaries, the fact you are guaranteed to catch them, the single post-game mission to catch the pokemon on the cover of your version.. It's truly just an above average experience. No amount of pretty yet sub-par graphics and re-used models are going to make up for that I'm enjoying it but less so than previous titles. Ultra Moon was better, Omega Ruby was more satisfying, Y was a bigger leap forward. This is very much an "Eh, it's okay" as opposed to a "Holy shit I need this!" I frankly expected better from the first ever console release. It feels like.. almost unfinished. Like Sun/Moon did compared to Ultra Sun/Moon. Like content is meant to be there but is missing. Fingers crossed more content gets patched in soon ❤️
  18. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    Okay, so I finished Sword and moved on to Shield Pros and Cons Verdict 6.5/10
  19. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    Welp.. https://www.gamebyte.com/pokemon-sword-and-shield-have-catch-restrictions-people-are-mad/
  20. Shade Aurion

    Sonic The Hedgehog (2019)

    That fuck they did this. Bringing in the guy who did Sonic Mania was the best thing they could have done. It doesn't stop idiots thinking it was all a publicity stunt though despite the delayed premier and change of team members, not to mention what was likely a massive crunch though more in the fast hard work sense and not the official overworked underpaid sense.
  21. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    I'm sad that you're probably totally right with that. Still, you know damn right that you want that habitat feature from B2/W2 back!
  22. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    They were arguably sequels within the same generation similar to Black 2/White 2. Its been a long while since we've had a third game. Frankly I doubt we will especially since this is the first console release. It's been pretty solidly proven that the models are the same just with higher resolution textures. The animations are exactly the same bar pokemon's heads/eyes following the trainer. There was a big hissy fit about it on twitter. One side being all "Look at this shit, it's exactly the same right down to the 3D model framework. Lazy." and the other side being all "How dare you!" In fact, I might as well have a rant about it. --- Personally I agree that it's both the same and lazy. This is the first console release ffs. What they couldn't get out at launch they could simply patch in later to coincide with the release of Pokemon Home on Switch (Basically Pokebank for Switch for those that don't know) But no.. No national dex (A big fuck you to tournament/pro players) and really just half-assed excuses. I mean i'm sure they're working hard on it. It not being ready at launch isn't what is lazy. To be honest, I think it would be good to keep the focus on the new region and pokemon for awhile, but their lack of valid reasoning for patching it in later is what I consider lazy. They no longer have "handheld hardware limitations" as an excuse. Pretty sure mega evolutions got the axe too. Frankly, I don't like generational gimmicks at all. I think it's counter-productive to add a gameplay improvement and then remove it and add something else next generation. That doesn't keep things fresh so much as it prevents game mechanic refinement and progression. Like Dynamax forms are all well and good but what about next-gen? Are they gonna be gone too? Probably. I'd be fine with Dynamax forms and mega-evolutions being a held item alternate form (well, non-giant versions of Dynamax) or something but just cutting stuff is dumb when the whole point is MORE! To "catch em all" I really do consider these sorts of choices to be regressive at best. I doubt everyone will agree with me on this but it bothers me Why don't I have my stupid pokephone working as an interactive VS Tracker with an inbuilt poketch/pokenav with pokeapps on it which has super training/refresh/habitat/pelago features built-in? Instead they just cut shit out or make it different which is fine but then cut it later too after improving it. Why make the effort to refine a tried and true formula to just needlessly trim out features and mechanics? I dunno, its just dumb. That's my biggest gripe with Game Freak as developers. That said, I pick up Sword in 2 days so i'll try and ignore my grievances for awhile and focus on the positives
  23. Shade Aurion

    Death Stranding (2019)

    This I played for a few hours on my friend's console and have watched Lets Plays and I love the story. It's definitely unique and I might not recommend it the everyone, least of all the less patient sort of people that expect a high-intensity action or combat game, but for those who like something different and a great story, I would
  24. Shade Aurion

    Pokemon General

    Ah yes, can't wait for that Pokemon Crossbow release
  25. Shade Aurion

    Death Stranding (2019)

    It's honestly the weirdest game. Really intense when trying to avoid death and the atmosphere is beautiful. Probably not for anyone expecting a high-intensity action game. This seems like Kojima trying to reinvent the exploration genre.