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  1. h2ojunkie

    Marvel Animation's X-Men '97

    Ep 5.....
  2. h2ojunkie

    Marvel Animation's X-Men '97

    Yeah, pretty good first episode. I don't really remember a whole lot from the original, but it feels like what I remembered with a bit of an update for current times.
  3. h2ojunkie

    Today's Birthdays - Lucy

    Happy birthday Lucy!
  4. h2ojunkie

    Today's Birthdays - dr. b

    Happy birthday
  5. h2ojunkie

    Today's Birthdays - Mera'din

    Happy birthday!
  6. h2ojunkie

    Marvel General

    That's cool. Definitely will check it out.
  7. h2ojunkie

    Today's Birthdays - Tassifox

    Happy birthday!
  8. h2ojunkie

    Happy new year dudes

  9. h2ojunkie

    Happy new year dudes

    2023 not my favorite year. 2024 is going to be challenging as well.
  10. h2ojunkie

    [Audio book General]

    I crushed all 10 of these audiobooks in just over a month. They are great. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/57189884-he-who-fights-with-monsters
  11. h2ojunkie

    [Streaming General]

    Watched these over the past 2 months. Upload Invincible season 2 The Boys Presents: Diabolical Gen V Wheel of Time season 2
  12. h2ojunkie

    Famous Deaths

    Fuck, drowning...
  13. h2ojunkie

    Currently Playing?

    I can't seem to find time or motivation to play games, but I have been watching Wanderbot and Retromation on YouTube when they check out new games.
  14. h2ojunkie

    Taking over the portal

    I took yesterday off because I still had a headache from Friday, it took me until 2:30 to get through my emails...
  15. h2ojunkie

    A wild Rulk update.

    Yeah it's good to see you on. Sorry about your sister passing and your dad's health. It sounds like everything else is going in a good direction.