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  1. h2ojunkie

    Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (2022)

    Bleach has their shit together.
  2. h2ojunkie

    Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (2022)

    Ep. 6. Awesome to see the power of the head captain. Of course his bankai was stolen...
  3. h2ojunkie

    Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (2022)

    Head Captain is pissed and it's awesome.
  4. h2ojunkie

    Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (2022)

    Ugh, watching on Hulu is like cancer. Over 6 minutes of adds on a 24 minute episode.
  5. h2ojunkie

    Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (2022)

    Yeah, that hit the spot
  6. h2ojunkie

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    I'm doing a thing. Doing some trail work with a group of people I don't know tomorrow and then mountain biking on Monday on said trail. No kids, no wife. I don't think I've camped on my own before.
  7. h2ojunkie

    What Amused You On The Net Today?

  8. Force of habit, I locked my computer before getting up to go to the bathroom...only once though 😛
  9. Started to get a scratchy throat over the weekend and work up this morning with a sore throat. Did a home test and I'm positive It just feels like a sore throat with a bit a drainage and stuffed up ears. So the vaccine and booster are working. Wife and kids tested negative. So I am isolated in the master bedroom and I set up my work laptop on the bathroom counter. There is a lower section between the two sinks without a cabinet, works surprisingly well with my computer chair 😛
  10. h2ojunkie

    Completed Games 2022

    The Perfect Tower 2 I guess technically I have beat the game. There are a couple of things I haven't 100% completed, but it's good enough for me. It is a fun little idle game if you are willing to leave it running on your computer 😛 Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde This is the new game that I am playing.
  11. h2ojunkie

    Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers (Disney+ 2022)

    Watched it with the family the other day. The kids liked it, but i think my wife and I got more out of the jokes from our childhood Era.
  12. h2ojunkie

    Last Movie Watched

    Taking the family to see sonic tomorrow
  13. h2ojunkie

    aprob foobs

  14. h2ojunkie

    Famous Deaths

    I listened to some Foo Fighters on my mountain bike ride today as a little tribute.
  15. h2ojunkie

    Today's Birthdays - Mera'din

    Happy birthday!