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  1. Rangers throwing more money at Free Agency. Signed DeGrom. They better hope he can stay healthy.
  2. Eizan

    Completed Games 2022

    8. Pokemon Violet Arven story is kind of fucked up, but it was interesting. Although glitchy it's a pokemon game, so it's fine. At least I managed to finish it, think I liked PLA more than this though.
  3. No-hitter in the world series. Javier shut down the Yankees and the Phillies this postseason.
  4. Looking like its going to be a Houston and Philadelphia World Series. That doesn't seem like a WS you'd like.
  5. Technically Seattle played 4 games... I think the Astro's will win it all, but I'd like to see the Padres win.
  6. I expect Seattle to be swept today. Anyways, NLCS could be Phillies vs Padres?
  7. That's great the Mariners actually got to Verlander, but blew the game.
  8. I went to bed thinking there was going to be a game 3. Although I wish the Mariners were going to go play the Yankees instead of the Astros.
  9. Well it's no doubt Seattle now, so uhh yeah nice meeting you in the Playoffs. Although if I'm going to be honest I think the Astros are the best team going into the playoffs with Atlanta being 2nd best. Repeat World Series?
  10. It's looking like it will be Seattle heading to Toronto to face the Blue Jays. I'm guessing the Mariners will start Castillo for Game 1.
  11. Mariners clinched! Now it's just figuring out who will play who. Although the Mariners, Blue Jays and Rays all haven't played that great down the stretch. NL still has a lot of things to sort out, Braves and Mets are tied for the East right now and the other 2 Wild Card Spots are up for grab (How are the Giants still alive?)
  12. True. The Rays also have a much harder schedule with Cleveland and Houston (although both have clinched). I also take back what I said about Cleveland, they have gone 18-3 since Seattle swept them. They were tied for first at that point as well...
  13. Baltimore is only 4 games back. Seattle has lost the series to the Angels, A's and now Royals. So it's not like they are playing great baseball right now.
  14. The Mariners are going to blow it aren't they? Also 700 Club for Pujols.
  15. Eizan

    Anime you're looking forward to

    Oh nice, Falcom has an anime coming out for The Legend of Heroes. Specifically around events between Cold Steel 2 and 3.