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  1. Eizan

    2024 Baseball Season

    AL West where everyone has a negative run differential. This is going to be like last year, where no one wants to win the division. Again the Mariners don't have the hitting core to match their pitching rotation. Although the first two months were the M's hardest part of their schedule, so I'll take being above .500 and in first place.
  2. Eizan

    2024 Baseball Season

    Both of our teams are pretty unfortunate to face the Twins while they are hot.
  3. Eizan

    2024 Baseball Season

    Blue Jays are struggling a bit. Not as bad as the Rays ( getting swept by the White Sox). If the Jays fall out of contention who would be available for trade? Mariners are winning series which is good. The pitching has been great, now only if they could be consistent on hitting.
  4. Eizan

    2024 Baseball Season

    Neat Mariners are in first place. I have to feel Houston will get going at some point.
  5. Eizan

    2024 Baseball Season

    How does Angel Hernandez still have a job? He's has to be one of the worse umpires I've ever seen. Anyways, Jays and Mariners playing each other already and seems neither of them have anything going right now.
  6. Eizan

    2024 Baseball Season

    I'd like give him a benefit of a doubt, but kind of hard to believe he didn't know that much money being wired from his account.
  7. Eizan

    2024 Seasonal Anime

    Huh 28 is a weird number of episodes. I already caught up thinking it was done, but it still has 2 episodes. It's been really good though.
  8. Eizan

    2024 Baseball Season

    How you feeling about the Jays? I like the Mariners Rotation, but uhh not to thrilled about the line up.
  9. Eizan

    2024 Seasonal Anime

    I'm waiting for Frieren to finish before watching all the 2nd half. It's what I did for the first half. Aside from that only thing I've been watching is The Dangers in my Heart. Which I had to give another chance, because the first couple of episodes are a bit rough and I orignally dropped it, but I'd say from Episode 4 onwards it's been absolutely fantastic. The character development is really great and the show has a lot of minor details that reoccur from previous episodes that makes it pretty enjoyable.
  10. Eizan

    2024 Baseball Season

    So it has to be World Series or bust for the Dodger right? Dave Roberts can't have a job if they fall any earlier next year? I think they've spent more in this offseason than the Mariners have in the last 5 years.
  11. Eizan

    2024 Baseball Season

    Ohtani signed with the Dodgers. 10 years for 700 million...did you think the Jays were even close in getting him? I uhh also have no idea what the Mariners are doing...aside from trimming pay roll.
  12. Eizan

    Completed Games 2023

    6. Fire Emblem: Awakening 7. Fire Emblem Three Houses 8. Star Ocean The Second Story R (Claude Route) This was a fantastic remake. I love the visuals, soundtrack is still great and the game plays just fine. Now to play through Rena's side.
  13. Eizan

    2024 Baseball Season

    That was kind of a boring World Series, outside of game 1.
  14. Eizan

    Currently Playing?

    Replaying Fire Emblem Engage, I have to finish Sea of Stars but the game fell of hard for me. I still play Genshin Impact everyday, because well I'm addicted to it.... Next new game I'll probably be playing is Star Ocean 2's remake. I enjoyed the crap out of the Demo. I have Mario Wonder, but my kids are playing it first.
  15. Eizan

    2024 Baseball Season

    If Arizona wins at least someone new will win or someone who hasn't won it in 20+years. Hell, when did the Phillies last win? 2009?