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  1. Eizan

    Winter Season 2023

    I went and bought Vol 14(season 4), 15 and 16 of Danmachi. Going to see how vol. 14 compares to the anime and start reading what's next.
  2. Eizan

    Spring season 2023

    Speaking of Isekai...I'm still kind of surprised the Smartphone one got a 2nd season. Ready for Demon Slayer because unfotable never disappoints in animation quality.
  3. Eizan

    Winter Season 2023

    The ending for Season 4 on Danmachi was fantastic. Yu Yu Hakusho's Dark Tournment arc is one of my favorites and I re-watch it at least every 2-3 years, this is how I feel about the entirety of Season 4 it's one that I'll have to end up watching again. As for other anime's as much as I've enjoyed The Legend of Heroes anime, trying to pull a slow and heavy driven story of a JRPG series doesn't work well for a 12 episode anime. I've also really enjoyed a few other anime this season. MHA, The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten, and Chillin in my 30s after getting fired from the Demon King's army...you know they should really fix some of the anime titles...
  4. Eizan

    Winter Season 2023

    So I've caught up on Danmachi and wow...the first half of Season 4 was good, but this second half has been nothing short of amazing. Especially the last 3 episodes. Episode 21 of Season 4
  5. Eizan

    Winter Season 2023

    I'm catching up with the series. I've been watching on Hidive I'm almost at the end of season 3 right now and season 4 might be exclusive to them since it does show them having it. I plan on being all caught up this weekend. If you want you can use my account, since I could just add a profile for you. I agree with you about this shows writing it's really well done. The title(although it makes sense...) and the first episode really don't do the show any favors though.
  6. Eizan

    Winter Season 2023

    So...I never watched this show, but youtube does like to suggest some random anime clips to me... I might actually go and watch this series now...
  7. Eizan

    Completed Games 2023

    2. Fire Emblem Engage - Story is like past FE's it's okay, but the game play is really good. Goldmary and Ike pairing carried me throughout most of the late game. The real winner of this game though is the soundtrack.
  8. Eizan

    Fall season 2022

    I had no intention to watch it, but I did and it was definitely well worth it.
  9. Correa back to the Twins now...I don't know if he stays healthy for a full season.
  10. Eizan

    Completed Games 2023

    1. Death End Re;Quest It's not bad, I enjoyed the story. Although the endings aren't great. I enjoyed the combat system at first, but the more the game went on the more annoying it got to fight. Compile Hearts games are usually really bad, so I'm surprised I actually finished this one. Going to start the 2nd game now and hopefully I finish it before Fire Emblem Engage comes out.
  11. Eizan

    Winter Season 2023

    The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki - Northern War Mainly because it shows what happens between Sen No Kiseki(Cold Steel) 2 and 3. I'll still watch Hero Season 6. Not sure what else I'll have time for.
  12. Well, Correa going to the Mets instead of Giants now? Wonder how the Mets will choke it away next year. Wait, will the Mets have a bigger payroll than the Yankees now?
  13. Rangers throwing more money at Free Agency. Signed DeGrom. They better hope he can stay healthy.
  14. Eizan

    Completed Games 2022

    8. Pokemon Violet Arven story is kind of fucked up, but it was interesting. Although glitchy it's a pokemon game, so it's fine. At least I managed to finish it, think I liked PLA more than this though.
  15. No-hitter in the world series. Javier shut down the Yankees and the Phillies this postseason.