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  1. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    Oh, and Ichigoki's Under Control actually got me to laugh pretty hard with it's second chapter, so I'm probably gonna follow that until it probably gets cancelled. Maybe. Who knows. It's pretty funny, and that goes far in Jump sometimes.
  2. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    Sakamoto's coming soon. I still have it, Undead Unluck, My Hero, and Kaiju No. 8 of the main series I follow to catch up on. And Sakamoto Days is the one I'm most looking forward to catching up on, so I'm trying to power through the other ones before I do that. But I've been hyped reading your little comments. PPPPPP #60 Akane-banashi is also in a state of really kind of waiting to see how this chain of chapters ends before it feels like there's something remarkable to say:
  3. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    Fabricant 100 seems cool. We'll see if they can keep up an interesting plot, but it was a pretty great first chapter. Caught up to Elusive Warrior Don't have a lot to say about the new Showha Shoten just because I'm still trying to piece together what exactly happened that they're probably gonna reveal in the next chapter.
  4. Psycho666Soldier

    Completed Games 2022

    Having skipped Gens 6-8*, this one felt incredibly refreshing. Particularly happy I didn't play Sword/Shield. Definitely has its flaws and things they need to do to make the world more engaging, but overall, I've loved it. *technically I played Gen 6 because I played Alpha Sapphire, but even though I didn't play Gen 3 before that, it doesn't feel right saying I've actually played Gen 6
  5. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    I'd say if you're gonna pick up any of the new series so far, Ichinose Family's Deadly Sins is the one. A lot of built up intrigue with enough interesting things happening in the meantime so it doesn't feel like it drags so far. And having read the mangaka's last series, which I thought was excellent, I have high hopes. I have yet to check out Ginka and Gluna and Tokyo Demon Bride Story and I don't really expect either to wow me, but I'll give them a shot at some point. I was super curious about Aliens Area, but it seems it was cancelled already, so I'll probably just let that one slip to the wayside.
  6. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    That's interesting because I was fully bought in to Battle Tendency. I binged through it hard and didn't feel the drag. Odds are you'll probably like Stardust Crusaders more in that sense. It arguably drags toward the middle as far as how long it goes, but the action that happens is probably more engaging. PPPPPP #59 was a heartbreaker I also caught up through Chapter 83 of Elusive Samurai I checked out that Ichigoki's In Control debut, and I think it's the sort of quirky concept that's destined for cancellation. But it was interesting enough that I'll give it a couple chapters before I make a full judgment. Ichinose Family still got me hooked. It's a really engaging twist on the amnesiac protagonist. So far we're just getting glimpses into his past life, but I'm really curious what happens when they start bringing the rest of the family back into it.
  7. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    I tried out Cipher Academy. The art is really good and I like some of the character design, but I don't think it's for me. The cipher solving just kind of glazed over my brain. Ichinose Family has me, though
  8. Psycho666Soldier

    Famous Deaths

    Hearing about JDF is such a hit. Even worse to know it was suicide.
  9. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    I caught up Show-ha Shoten and Chainsaw Man, and I'm too lazy really type up any detailed thoughts right now, but both are really great.
  10. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    Caught up on PPPPPP
  11. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    I finished Takopi's Original Sin. Only 16 chapters long. God, it's rough. The final chapter damn near made me cry. Really good stuff. I recommend, though I caution that it is NOT for the feint of heart when it comes to realistic and gritty depictions of a shitty childhood. EDIT: I also caught up on Akane-banashi. It's been awesome as usual.
  12. Psycho666Soldier

    Spy X Family

    Episode 19 Chapter #71
  13. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    JJBA Also, I read the first half of Takopi's Original Sin and it's properly fucked. So I'm extra curious to see where this new series goes.
  14. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    Have you guys read The Ichinose Family's Deadly Sins? It's made by the person who made Takopi's Original Sin which is only available on the website, but I remember SuperEyepatchWolf mentioned it during his State of Shonen Jump video. It seems like a really cool concept so far. I'm gonna try and keep up with it. And at some point try to check out Takopi, too.