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  1. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    The most recent Show-ha Shoten almost got some tears out of me halfway through. It's curious how Nazutani had decent intentions but became a legit dick in the process. Excited for the next chapter.
  2. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    Fuuuuuck. I had a feeling it was coming. I was looking on jajanken a few weeks ago and it's been ranking terribly each week. Which is such a shame because I thought it had a lot to offer. Mirrored the best of sports shonen storytelling, but had enough great art and characters with heart that it felt like it stood on its own. Maybe just bad timing, I dunno. Really disappointed about it regardless. Gonna try and catch up on the last couple weeks of stuff soon. Been a bit lazy about it.
  3. Psycho666Soldier

    Today's Birthdays - Tassifox

    Happy belated!!
  4. Psycho666Soldier

    Apocalypse Watch 2024

    The Gay Agenda, clearly
  5. Psycho666Soldier

    Completed Games 2024

    You know the drill 1. Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Holy shit, is this a good Zelda game. It's short, but when you consider it's supposed to be paired with Ages(which I'm playing next), that's not really true. Even on its own, it's a content-packed adventure, with some inventive items and solid boss battles. Some of the puzzles had me stumped(some for stupid reasons like forgetting I can push a trampoline -_-). I used a guide for that damn trampoline mishap and to figure out where to go(another dumb oversight) after Tarm Ruins, and I wasn't gonna try and find the random spots the golden beasts popped up. While not all the bosses were super hard, I thought they all had unique mechanics that took advantage of all the items you get. I really liked that the final proper dungeon tests all your skill with them and is designed in a way where you can get past some of the basic hazards in multiple ways depending on how you're using everything. Oh, and of course, the music was incredible. The dungeon themes would be stuck in my head all day after playing. GBC OSTs are underrated. Sick game. Unique setting and identity and the best that top-down Zelda has to offer. You can't ask for more. 9/10
  6. Psycho666Soldier

    Today's Birthdays - KR

    Happy Birthday KR!!
  7. Psycho666Soldier

    Fall Season '23

    I finished Zom 100 the other day. Was a really good show regardless of whether it continues or not. It's nice to get media about a zombie apocalypse that isn't bleak, but rather feel-good while also still touching on a lot of deeper themes. Plus the analogies to the pandemic and how people evolved(or devolved) through that are obviously palpable.
  8. Psycho666Soldier

    Happy new year dudes

    Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a better 2024, regardless of whether 2023 was good for you or not
  9. Psycho666Soldier

    Completed Games 2023

    1. Pokemon Violet 2. :snes: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 3. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage 4. Octopath Traveler 5. Metroid II: Return of Samus 6. :ps1: Oddworld: Abe's Oddyssee 7. God of War (2018) 8. :ps1: Crash Bandicoot 9. Spider-Man Remastered 10. :ps1: Crash Bandicoot 2 (100%) 11. Final Fantasy XVI 12. Spyro: Year of the Dragon (100%) 13. Jet Set Radio 14. Final Fantasy VII REMAKE (Platinum Trophy) 15. :ps1: Legend of Legaia (88.84%) 16. :switch: Super Mario RPG Remake 17. Ghost of Tsushima (Platinum) 18. :PS1: Crash Bandicoot: Warped (100%) Holy fuck, Ghost of Tsushima is so good. If I wanted to be nitpicky, I could say the combat was a bit repetitive and it eventually started feeling a bit formulaic. But that was never at the forefront of my mind because this game is just a vibe. All the side things you can do like the hot springs and haikus just helped immerse me in this world. At all points I was just engulfed in the sheer beauty of the visuals and the presentation while also just feeling absorbed into the gameplay and story. I can't think of many games that just the feel of the game had me entranced more than the overall package. I completed everything in the base game. Probably won't do New Game + or Legends Mode, but at some point I may want to play the DLC. Overall, I really did love the combat and the capabilities for mixing direct combat and stealth operatives. And just enough climbing/platforming to make this feel a bit different than most open world games. And hooooly shit do I love the story and characters. This had all the room to be a basic story of honor and revenge, but especially when you do the Tales of Tsushima, it's really an exploration in human nature and figuring out what is right and wrong in your eyes. I love that each of the main characters are flawed in different ways. None of them are clear-cut as "good people," but it's clear they are all people reacting to the trauma of the invasion as well as personal traumas, and how in life that is messy and there's no clear answer for what is morally right or wrong. And the way it's reflected in Jin and the choices you can make with gameplay and endgame stuff...man, I can't help but just be super into how it was handled compared to how I think most games in this style would be handled in the years before. Top tier modern game, stunning visuals and sound design, excellent story and characters. Very glad I took the time to finish this before fully moving to the next gen. 9/10 Crash Warped remains my favorite entry in the series. The boss battles are even more creative(though I'd argue Crash 2 had a harder final fight), it's a completionist's wet dream, and the level designs are just more tight and varied. I took some time away after completing the main levels and I think there was something I liked about Crash 2 more, but they're pretty close for me either way. I got all the gold relics except for 4 because two of them just felt like I would be trying at it for hours on end and the others I just didn't have the patience to go back to. And I'm not even bothering with the Platinums. The 105% for the gold relics is tempting, but I'm satisfied with where I'm at. Happy to finally have properly completed the original trilogy. 8/10 And I think that about rounds it out for the year. Got a lot of stuff I've been meaning to get off my backlog, some recent, some since my childhood. I'm excited to keep churning through it next year, with FF7R Rebirth and Thousand Year Door on the horizon for new releases. Think I'm gonna buy Disco Elysium and make that happen this year, too. Probably Baldur's Gate as well.
  10. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    Second pretty much everything here(these are also the three I've read so far) On Elusive Samurai
  11. Psycho666Soldier

    Happy Xmas

    My girlfriend got me this beauty I also got some cool Simpsons, Sanic, and Mario socks, a couple cute blindboxes, a Mario figure, Vol. 1 of Dr. Stone and Mob Psycho, and then a luxury foot massager. Pretty good haul for me. I'm just hanging with my partners and watching some holiday stuff while we play with our new toys(watching the Beavis & Butt-Head Christmas episode right now). Merry Christmas everyone. Hope it's chill and nice for everyone. Me and my girlfriend also went in on a Switch Lite for my boyfriend that comes with Animal Crossing and he was super stoked about it. We've been letting him borrow ours to play it over the last year, so figured it was about time he got his own. I got my girlfriend the Sailor Moon rod that makes noise. She was pretty excited for that. And then I got them both a few different comics/manga they've been wanting(Higurashi for my girlfriend, Transmetropolitan and I Feel Sick for my boyfriend).
  12. Psycho666Soldier

    Winter 2024 Season

    I'll still be watching Undead Unluck, but not seeing anything that I recognize looking at the list. Will probably just wait and see if any of you point something out as good and decide from there.
  13. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    This was mine: Feels about right, though I feel Beat & Motion, Spy x Family and Martial Master Asumi are snubbed by not having as many chapters. If this was expanded to a Top 10, Show-ha Shoten and Elusive Samurai would definitely be in there as far as enjoyment goes.
  14. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    Agreed! But I am going to be supremely bummed out if Nao doesn’t win They honestly did a good job of making feel bad either way with the way they characterized her opponent's backstory.
  15. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    I also finally caught up on Elusive Samurai. I don't know why I was having trouble before. I read the exact same chapters and didn't feel nearly as lost. It's all been good stuff, though. Enjoying the setup for the rematch with Sadamune. Here's hoping this is the day Tokiyuki actually kills his ass.