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  1. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    All the praise for the art on Akane-banashi goes double for Sakamoto Days. Holy shit, those chapters went hard. All the Takamura panels were wild.
  2. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    I'm sure this isn't the first time I've said this and it probably won't be the last, but Akane-banashi has such a way with art. Just read Chapter 107 and 108, and the way they know to control the flow of the more detailed, gorgeous art with the sillier, simple art. The composition for some of the pages were amazing, and they still have such a way with facial expressions. The moments where Akane is truly happy, she absolutely glows in such an entrancing way. I just love looking at some of these pages, especially during the deeper, touching moments. Also, the end of 108 has me hyped.
  3. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    A little behind on stuff(typical), but I really enjoyed the recent Spy x Family chapter. Getting some backstory on Henderson and Martha, and it was pretty heartbreaking.
  4. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    Yeah, I don't need every chapter to be advancing a plot, but before it just felt like it had a lot of heart and super hilarious moments in the every day stuff. I think part of it is there have been a lot of shorter chapters in the last couple months so there's been less time to have the more meaningful slice of life chapters where it feels like there's both character development alongside the gags? I think that might be it. Until these last two main chapters(not counting the extra short side ones), it feels like there hasn't been that character development side as much? Or maybe it's also just because there have been so many break weeks that the flow makes every chapter hit weaker. I have faith it'll find something to dig into eventually, but we'll see
  5. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    I actually have been caught up on Akane-banashi, Spy x Family, and Sakamoto(and Undead Unluck), but you reminded me to check out this week's chapters. The big splash page at the end of Akane-banashi was such a a heart-warming image. Loved her performance and the way she stood up to "mophead". And Sakamoto has been killer(pun intended?). Loving the art in some of these chapters, and the reveal about Uzuki was cool. I did kinda think it would be something more wtf, but honestly it makes a lot of sense. Can't help but agree on Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man. Feels like some of the spark was missing from recent Spy chapters(though this last pair was pretty enjoyable, and I get the feeling Fujimoto is burning out on Chainsaw Man and probably wants to do something else.
  6. Psycho666Soldier

    Today's Birthdays - Psycho666Soldier

    Korean BBQ achieved I feel like I'm about to explode
  7. Psycho666Soldier

    What out-of-season anime have you watched recently?

    I never watched GTO, so that's pretty exciting news to hear. I don't think I ever put in here that a good while back I watched Tomodachi Game and Mushi-shi. Tomodachi Game was pretty fun. It seemed a bit dependent on shock early on, but I found myself really enjoying how they characterized the cast. Hope there's more to come down the line Mushi-shi is a masterpiece. The way it rides the line of emotions and tone, never being outright scary in a lot of moments, never being outright positive, but having this sort of melancholic uneasiness about it all. The art and soundtrack are just incredible, and I love transient the narrative is. Awesome stuff.
  8. Psycho666Soldier

    Today's Birthdays - Psycho666Soldier

    Thanks dude. Just gonna have a couple drinks, eat cake, and watch wrestling tonight. Sunday I'll be going out for All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ. That's where the true celebration begins.
  9. Psycho666Soldier

    Today's Birthdays - wab

    Happy Birthday wab!!
  10. Psycho666Soldier

    2024 Seasonal Anime

    I'll be watching Kaiju No. 8 but I think k the art feels a bit neutered compared to the manga art. The character designs don't look quite right and I think it makes the subject matter look a bit lighter than it actually is. Still, some great action that'll probably look awesome animated.
  11. Psycho666Soldier

    2024 Seasonal Anime

    No objection from me! I think that works too because I tend to watch some stuff out of season and don't really see a reason to not keep it to the same thread.
  12. Psycho666Soldier

    2024 Seasonal Anime

    I honestly having watched any of the new series this season. I've mostly been watching Undead Unluck and then my girlfriend and I finally started JJK. I might give some of these others y'all have talked about a shot once those are dried up.
  13. Psycho666Soldier

    [Manga Chat]

    I've actually been relatively caught up on the usual suspects. I just usually miss one week and then catch up on 2 chapters at a time. That said, I do have to read the last two weeks. Just did Sakamoto and holy shit I love the fights going on right now. Seeing Shin trying to stand in his own strength and wits without his ESP(though he maybe unlocked some kind of mind suggestion technique?). Absolutely loved Akane's performance. I love that she started expanding into other stories, and man, the last chapter with her father acknowledging her path to Rakugo and then tearing up at the end. Shit was beautiful. She deserves the promotion. Also hadn't realized it's been over a month since the last Spy x Family! The most recent chapter was pretty fun, but it definitely feels like the best stuff will be next chapter.
  14. Psycho666Soldier

    Currently Playing?

    So far, it's been amazing. Fixes a lot of the things that were rough about the first one, definitely improves on most of what XVI tries to do, and I've honestly just had a ton of fun seeing the characters develop more. It's definitely a wacky game with a lot of it's sidequests. But it has so much love and charm put into it.
  15. Psycho666Soldier

    Currently Playing?

    Anyone else been playing Rebirth?