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  1. Galeigh

    Today's Birthdays - Lucy

  2. Galeigh

    Happy Xmas

    Merry Christmas Y'all
  3. Galeigh

    [Streaming General]

  4. Galeigh

    Famous Deaths

    God damn dude...
  5. Desi and I saw this last night, and it was fantastic, not quite as good as the first, but a solid sequel.
  6. Nope that's a legit thing from the comics.
  7. Galeigh

    Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

    I'm only up to ep. 8 and I'm loving the show. It nails the cyberpunk Genre and the setting perfectly.
  8. Emil Blonsky is treat every time he shows up.
  9. Galeigh

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    Sorry Nelle , but at least you made the final moments absolute heaven for the kitty.
  10. Galeigh

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    My sister is a spoiled cunt who has wasted all the chances she has ever been given. If I COULD ban her from the house I would, the house belongs to my dad and is essentially the family house, even if me and Desi are currently renting it out. One thing is for sure though, she burned any and all bridges with me the moment she put her hands on Desi.
  11. I keep seeing a bunch of videos bitching about the show, but I am enjoying it. The writing is just plain fun.
  12. Galeigh

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    I'm so sorry to hear that Gonna give Kanari and extra big hug tonight, which he will inevitably use as en excuse for biting my hand.
  13. Fuckin Namor, holy shit. I honestly never thought they pull that card.