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  1. Galeigh

    Pet Time Party

    Sister's cat had kittens, enjoy
  2. Galeigh

    Pet Time Party

    His highness Kanari the Shitbean has deigned to not be a black void for a photo.
  3. Galeigh

    Akira Toriyama dies at age 68

    Ouch, right in the childhood...
  4. Galeigh

    Happy new year dudes

    Starting the new year with a funeral, so.... not a great start. BUT, desi and I are trying to buy a house so maybe good news soon? (my hopes aren't the highest, but it is possible)
  5. Galeigh

    Happy Xmas

    Merry X-mas!
  6. Galeigh

    Currently Playing?

    Gotta love it. I STILL can't believe they made Kraven so goddamn threatening.
  7. Galeigh

    Currently Playing?

    Cyberpunk 2077
  8. Galeigh

    Taking over the portal

    What she said. If they gonna be obtuse, milk that shit.
  9. Galeigh

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

    oof, that does not bode well for the game
  10. Galeigh

    WWE General

    That sucks. He was one of my favorites in WWE.
  11. Galeigh

    [Streaming General]

    the final scene is my desktop BG
  12. Galeigh

    [Streaming General]

    Me and Desi finally got around to finishing this series a while back... fuck man, It was sooooo good. Even though I know the ending was rushed because of the cancellation they did a fantastic job of tying up the most important loose ends.
  13. Galeigh

    Kraven The Hunter (2023)

    Man venom 2 was suuuuuch a missed opportunity for something great. They had a solid cast for it.