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  1. Tassifox

    Today's Birthdays - Deszae

    Happy Belated!! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself so far and hope the rest of the weekend is delightful!
  2. Tassifox

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    And that is legit. 1 of my friends who has been transitioning played around with small things to get a feel of how comfortable it made them feel. From just name changes, to pronouns (to which no surprise in my group she decided to take ALL of them lol but most of us will do the she/her+they/them) and just other little things that became a bigger part once it felt right. They even have a FB group support page called Labels Rejected: Positivity Corner. It's activity status is pretty mellow but it's a great place for sharing stuff or just needing a good vibe in the community. I'm so excited for your journey here on out. And like we said in the Discord. When you're ready to come out to your fam, I really hope they respond positively. Otherwise you still got us!
  3. Tassifox

    Pet Time Party

    It's so hard not to want to take ALL OF THEM BC OMGERD FLOOF AND TINYYYY
  4. Tassifox

    Last Movie Watched

    So I watched Madam Web on Netflix and sad to say....wasn't impressed. I know I'm getting to a point of the Marvel stuff beyond what I've read in the past but from what 1 friend was talking to me about it last night and just my initial impression. I hate that they pretty much underplayed the whole thing.
  5. Tassifox

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    Oh shit. Sorry to hear. If you need an ear to listen we're here for ya, i'm sorry you've had to go through that on your own.
  6. Tassifox

    2024 Seasonal Anime

    At ep 5 of Re:Monster. I think i might put this one on the backburner and come back to it as a filler when i got nothing else to watch. It's an ok series. They try to play it similar to Slime Datta Ken with world building, RPG stats stuff and fun characters. Leans on the gruesome a but kinda like Goblin Slayer in battles and such. But there's no hint any key storyline and the blips they hand out get overshadowed by 1. Fan service of the harem trope 2. Treating the day to day like a diary which was haha funny like Among Us vibes but got old. 3. Basically it's just seeing how Super Saiyan we can stack this Goblin with God-mod abilities.
  7. Tassifox

    2024 Seasonal Anime

    The Grimm Variations started on Netflix today. GODS DAMN I forgot how much i missed CLAMP's art style
  8. Tassifox

    2024 Seasonal Anime

    Shit should get fairly interesting after ep 3 of Konosuba. From new content Kaiju 8 Gou and Go Go Loser Ranger are pretty fun. I like the turn around of the "bad guy" angle vs the trope heros. I've also been enjoying Wind Breaker even though that one wasn't on my radar from the list but gave it a shot. And Re:Monster is kinda like Reincarnated Slime but with Goblins instead and a touch more gruesome. Some of the other new ones on my list are okay but won't know for sure how good until a bit later.
  9. Tassifox

    Today's Birthdays - Psycho666Soldier

    Mmmmm Ayce Korean BBQ..... Happy Birthday my dude!
  10. Tassifox

    Today's Birthdays - wab

    Happy Birthday!
  11. Tassifox

    Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (2022)

    Dat spider coming out of his mouth.....mmmmmnope. nope nope nope.....
  12. Tassifox

    2024 Seasonal Anime

  13. Tassifox

    2024 Seasonal Anime

  14. Tassifox

    2024 Seasonal Anime

    I was double checking episode #'s and I'm kinda surprised Dungeon Menshi is gonna be 24 eps. Be interesting to see where else they take this but I thought with the story plot it was gonna end roughly at 12/13 eps. Same thing for Sengoku Youko. I wasn't surprised it would be a long series but the weird # is stops on. 37 eps. I can't remember the last time a series ended on a weird number like that. I'll def be sad when Frieren and Apothacary Diaries ends this week but they were both wonderful series. SO FOR SPRING LINEUP: As I mentioned between what's carrying over from Winter season and what series are doing new seasons I'm already packed in what I'm watching. I have a handful of titles from new content to see if it might be worth adding to watchlist but I was not impressed by much of it. Carrying over from Winter season: Tsukimichi S2 Sengoku Youko Dungeon Menshi Urusei Yatsura S2 NEW SEASONS OF FAVE SERIES: Konosuba S3 Demon Slayer S5 Jobless Hero S2 Pt 2 Slime Datta Ken S3 Hero Acadamia S7 NEW BLACK BUTLER New Content/Maybes: Kaiju no. 8 Sentai Daishikakku Kaii to Otome to Kamikakuji (this one I'm especially curious because dark horror genre) Re:Monster (gives me big Re:Zero vibes and not just because of the name) Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai