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  1. Tassifox

    Boy Kills World (2024)

    They probably did it for the comedy/weirdness angle they're going with. Which is sad because Skarsgaard does really good voices when he gets into a role. Also looking over this again and wondering because of how it's edited. Is it just the "boy" that's grown up and not the girl? Like, are they doing something like where it's similar to OPM and the kid trains to where he's all adult physically but still a kid mentally? Slightly confused on that.
  2. Tassifox

    Boy Kills World (2024)

    Okay, like what i see in casting I love that his inner voice is Bob from Bon's Burgers Why do i feel the insanity in this movie should have been in the Borderlands LA Trailer because i feel this level of insanity is more in sync with that game than the "Dusty Guardians of the Galaxy" version that they gave us. And it's something fresh for once. I'd see it.
  3. Tassifox

    Last Movie Watched

    Nimona is seriously the fucking best. I even don't mind the changes they did from the comic and gave it more of a main story because it flows and speaks the message so clearly for lgbtq+ voices. I fucking love her chaotic energy.
  4. Tassifox

    Marvel General

    Huh, that might ACTUALLY work with that casting. They're all great actors. And i can really visualize their personalities with each character. Especially Ebon Moss. He was fantastic in The Bear
  5. Tassifox

    Today's Birthdays - Tassifox

    Oh yea went into my 40's with back pain So far it's been a great weekend. I took Saturday-Tues off work. So have had lunches with friends, they 3D printed me a Hoosifer from Owl House face to put on my front door Bought lots of books, got my cute af Displacer Beast tattoo, and had drinks at one of my favorite watering holes. Today will be lunch and maybe more shopping with 1 friend and then meeting up with collage bestie to get a reading. Tomorrow is unsure but might just be a potato day to ease back into work on Wed Also tax refund came in this morning too so morning is starting out great.
  6. Tassifox

    Winter 2024 Season

    So far with the new stuff of Metallic Rouge and Majo to Yajuu I'm enjoying it. I also still really enjoy Dungeon Menshi but I can see why a couple of my friends bailed on it after ep 2 Ishura tho I'm gonna bail. The first handful of episodes are spent introducing a lot of characters and talking about a lot of political stuff that I feel is still missing some context unless you had an outside source of information like playing a game or reading the manga. Makes it hard to want to get into it as a whole. As for continuing stuff still loving High Card, Urusei Yatsura, the Apothacary one, and Frieren. Mashle is still kinda fun but I might not continue it depending on how this season ends. FUCK I've missed Blue Exorcist tho and I really need to rebinge the previous seasons.
  7. Tassifox

    Winter 2024 Season

    i just watched ep 19 this week so you might have 3 to catch up on. The next arch gets super fun!
  8. Tassifox

    Marvel General

  9. Tassifox

    Marvel General

    I was gonna be surprised if they weren't at this point. Also, anyone watch Echo yet? I need to gush!
  10. Tassifox

    Fall Season '23

    Um, duh, i was the one who posted earlier saying (more like screaming) that they threw the last 3 eps up instead of just 1 on Netflix Xmas day. Lol.
  11. Tassifox

    Winter 2024 Season

    Already in love with Dungeon Meshi and i want moar.
  12. Tassifox

    Fall Season '23

    Finale felt....a little downplayed after the hype buildup they had with all the battles. I started watching Undead Unluck since we have a break in shows atm. And i actually enjoy it so far. The characters are fun, the storyline it pretty nice. And credit songs are noice. @Psycho666Soldier i can see why you stuck with it. Also binged all there is so far to Frieren. Overall i see why people are enjoying it. Once i got past the slow burn start and got to like.....ep 7-10. Def got good in animation flow for fight scenes.
  13. Tassifox

    Happy new year dudes

    Wish you the best of luck G! I hope you get as much as you want out of the place if not everything!
  14. Tassifox

    Happy new year dudes

    It already is from the 7.5 earthquake in Japan and tsunami warning