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  1. Tassifox

    Summer Season '23

    Yup Bungo ends this week. Andost everything else that isn't carrying over into Fall Season is wrapping up with at least 2 more eps between this week and next week. I feel a liiiiiittle called out with ep 8 of Zom:100
  2. Tassifox

    Fall Season '23

    That's how i kinda feel about U/U. The concept of the story -sounds- like it might be good. But watching the trailers gives me meh feelings. Like yea you have initial wth factor but i feel like it'd be short lived. I just rewatched FLCL: Alternative and Progressive. A lot of it will always confuse tf outta me from the symbolism but the jist i've always gotten is Haruko always used the feelings of blooming adolescence to more or less track down her unrequited love from the first FLCL. Progressive probs could have not been made honestly and i'm not looking forward to there being 3D for Grunge (which takes place after Alternative) but maybe it won't be shit quality.
  3. Tassifox

    Fall Season '23

    As we near the end of Summer. Time for the Fall Lineup! Looks like it'll be mostly returning stuff for me on this lineup but we'll see if anything new catches my eye. https://anichart.net/Fall-2023 Shield Hero S3- Here's to hoping we pick up some slack in this. Goblin Slayer- Looking forward to more fantasy gore. SPYXFAM S2!!!!!!!!! FINALLY Part 2 of Dr. Stone: New World Saihate no Paladin S2- I know this was a nice easy paced series so I'm looking forward to this MAHOUTSUKE YOME S2 PT 2!!!!!!!- Gods yes plz moar FLCL:GRUNGE AND SHOEGAZE?! YAAAAAAS MORE LOVE SICK HARUKO PLEASE! New stuff/Maybes: Undead Unlock: Not sure how I feel about it. I'll give it a couple eps but might not vibe with me Apothecary Diaries: Sucker for period pieces and looks like it has some murder mystery involved a little. Mig to Dali: Weird mystery. Sounds...interesting enough to try it out. Like seriously other than what is returning and leftovers from Summer (not going over movies and OVA) There is not a lot in new content that's catching my fancy.
  4. Tassifox

    Summer Season '23

    I'm assuming there was reasons for it. BUT FINALLY A NEW EP OF JUJUTSU KAISEN. I know i've spouted my hatred for recap eps before. I still hates them. Also not sure what was up with only getting a new ep of Zom 100 off and on the last few weeks. I'm hoping it doesn't keep that up because we're getting to a good point in story here. Horimiya still fucking wholesome. Most of the other new stuff i'm following is still good too.
  5. Tassifox

    Last Movie Watched

    I mean true stories are one of the last resorts for movies since there hasn't been anything original out. But that's my thoughts on those since, like much of anything that gets a film adaptation, "Based on" is a very loose term. I watched Game Night on Hulu since i've seen a few friends speak good things on it. And holy crap it was more fun and insane than i was expecting it for. 8/10 for sure.
  6. Tassifox

    A wild Rulk update.

    My condolences to you and fam on your sister and hope your dad's health goes on the up from here. Many congrats on everything else. I'm glad that there's been some good to balance the rough half of the year and hope it continues to be on the up and up. Good to hear from ya and hope things kinda settle enough to hear more updates.
  7. Tassifox

    Today's Birthdays - Darkce

  8. Tassifox

    Secret Invasion (Disney+ 2023)

    I love this guys reviews and this was the best summary of a "meh" show.
  9. Tassifox

    Summer Season '23

    It is all 1 season with what hints at a possibility for a 3rd season if Netflix so chooses.
  10. Tassifox

    Summer Season '23

    Okay thank you, it wasn't just me who felt that part was weird to throw in. But *shrugs* maaaybe it may make sense later? Or maybe there was something missed from manga->anime adaptation that we don't know about. Bastard!! S2 finally started so been slowly binging. And holy crap idk if it's just me but they threw in way more comedy/4th wall breaking and it takes me back to the days of Dragon Half
  11. Tassifox

    Today's Birthdays - Eizan

    Happy belated!
  12. Tassifox

    Marvel Studio's Loki (Disney+ 2021)

    I can't fucking wait.
  13. Tassifox

    Summer Season '23

    Bungo Dogs ep 4
  14. Tassifox

    Summer Season '23

    Duuuuude the fights in JJK ep 4 were fucking tight!
  15. Tassifox

    Secret Invasion (Disney+ 2023)

    Okay it wasn't just me. Like Mera, didn't hate it. But it felt extremely underwhelming for just 6 episodes. I mean you get some weird facts about Fury's past. A lot of the invasion stuff felt like it was missing pieces for me. Overall it just feels like it was slapped there as a timeline point for future stuff. Not really flushed out to do it justice of a proper spy show let alone Marvel. When it got to the finale episode i was all "wait.....really? Where was the build?"