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  1. Tassifox

    Winter Season 2023

    Duuuuude that finale was "chef kiss* And as much as I'm not a fan of the animation style really fitting with this series I will give them credit for the effects in some of the scenes near these last couple of episodes and that final fight. I actually really enjoyed how that fight flowed.
  2. Tassifox

    Winter Season 2023

    I was expecting that
  3. Tassifox

    Winter Season 2023

    Ars No Kyujuu had a good ending for all but that last 3 seconds. Like wtf. (Unless rhey actually have a final episode next week but i was ptetty sure today was the last ep)
  4. Tassifox

    Today's Birthdays - Lucy

    Happy Birthday Lu!!! 🎂
  5. Tassifox

    Spring season 2023

    Omg yus. Grimgar was especially a good one! I should rewatch that one.
  6. Tassifox

    Spring season 2023

    Isekai is what sells right now. To the point where some isekai make fun of it in small ways it's gotten such a hot genre. So kinda not surprised but that's saying that without having seen the series. Nothing against it, i've just gotten more choosey since the genre exploded.
  7. Tassifox

    Winter Season 2023

    Danmachi s4 ended really well. Also i don't mind rhe long titles because honestly that's the english translation in the end from rhe Japanese titles that are technically shorter. Even regular literature occasionally has long titles or titles that aren't directly in synce with the content of their stories. That's why most anime gets abbreviated nicknames like Konosuba. 🤷‍♀️
  8. Tassifox

    Boku no Hero Academia [spoilers!]

    God fucking dammit today's ep made me fucking bawl my eyes out. Fucking HELLS URARAKA-CHAAAAAN
  9. Tassifox

    Spring season 2023

    *takes deep breath* FUCKING FINALLY WE GET SEASON 2 OF THE FUCKING MAGUS BRIDE!!!!!!! I'VE BEEN WAITING TOO FUCKING LONG FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO DEMON SLAYER VILLAGE ARC !!!! *coughsandcomposesself* Also interested to see where Dr. Stone leads with this season. Moar primitive science crafts! And Konosuba will be great for just plain insanity stuff. I'm looking forward to this. And finishing the 2nd half of Vinland Saga S2. Ones that Im curious about Jigokuraku. Looks like another good one from MAPPA Tales of Outcasts looks like it would be an interesting fantasy story. But other than those 2. Looks like Spring is super Isekai heavy and nothing else is catching my interests. (Other than maybe the Magical Girl Destroyer one but that sounds like another anime I've seen with actual magic and more action.) Who knows maybe this is my season to catch up on older stuff. *Waits for @Anelle to react that we have another season of Ousuma Ranking. *
  10. Tassifox

    Last Movie Watched

    Oh yea it's one of the few Michael Bay movies i enjoy. I won't lie it's mainly because of Ryan Renolds being in it but it's pretty straight forward too so i agree with that scoring.
  11. Tassifox

    Winter Season 2023

    Riiiiiight? Between the various versions of manga, which i have some volumes of and the LN, i havent really been able to keep up both financially and time wise (i actually have accidentally bought doubles of 2 vol of manga because of this) so i had to give up. To Your Eternity finished with just as much heart rendering feels as S1. But even though the ending left hardly any loose ends. S3 apparently is in production. WHAT KIND OF EMOTIONAL ROLLAR COAST ARE THEY PLOTTING FOR A S3 AFTER A SATISFACTORY ENDING LIKE THAT!?
  12. Tassifox

    Today's Birthdays - Shade Aurion

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Tassifox

    Winter Season 2023

    I mean there are plenty of series where the title and beginning hide the gems that gets revealed the deeper you go. And ones that sound good but turn out meh or crap. There is also a spin off series where it's from Ais's pov and her famila. Also equally good. Edit: forgot to mention thank you for the offer Eizen. So far anything that isn't on a streaming option i've been able to keep track with gogoanime. Shit is getting fucking GUUD this week!
  14. Tassifox

    Today's Birthdays - dr. b

  15. Looks better than the recent monstrosity they tried to do (not talking about the TV stuff the last couple movies i won't watch)