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  1. Tassifox

    Fall season 2022

    Dude this week has been RUTHLESS with characters between Chainsaw Man and Mob. I'm almost afraid to see what will happen in Hero Acadamia and SpyFam if this is the trend for this week!
  2. Least we finally get back to that little teaser they did with Vol 2. Adam was it?
  3. Tassifox

    The Super Mario Bros Movie

    Same feels on Pratt. Pretty much how i felt about Letita Wright in BP:WF but, i will try to focus on a lot of what looks good here and what i'm hoping will turn out well. Animation team did kick ass work on this. I hope Jack Black totes steals the spotlight being in a role i feel he was pretty much born to play.
  4. Tassifox

    Fall season 2022

    Chainsaw man ep7
  5. Tassifox

    Boku no Hero Academia [spoilers!]

    Dude it's bad when your friends who've read ahead of you in the manga vs where you are in the anime ask you if you started a dead pool yet with this arch. THAT FUCKING CLIFFHANGER
  6. Tassifox

    Fall season 2022

    Riggt? I don't think inwas quite prepared for that kind of moment that you expect in other series.
  7. Just got out of theater. Overall solid movie. I have more thoughts but will wait on others input.
  8. Tassifox

    Fall season 2022

    Chainsaw Man Ep 5 I like the shifting ED songs.
  9. Tassifox

    Fall season 2022

    Also something in Chainsaw Man
  10. Tassifox

    Fall season 2022

    Chainsaw Man 4 Denji is totes a bottom and I still can't get over how rad the fight scene animation is!
  11. Tassifox

    Fall season 2022

    Chainsaw Man ep 3 Hot holy fuck the animation on the fight scenes is fantastic.
  12. Tassifox

    Fall season 2022

    Chainsaw Man ep 2
  13. Tassifox

    Spy X Family

    S2 Ep 3
  14. Tassifox

    Boku no Hero Academia [spoilers!]

    S6 ep 3 Poor Twice.....he's too trusting. Dude.....that face of Hawks in the flames b3hind Twice.....
  15. Tassifox

    Fall season 2022

    Your loss. That was the best shit i've seen for a fucked up story so far. Urusai Yatsura started today! @Lucy!!!!!! @Psycho666Soldier!!