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    At chapter 515 of my One Piece journey. Luffy just arrived at Amazon Lily. It’s amazing. Maybe starting to dip a bit but we will see. Really Arlong through Enies lobby is just amazing. I didn’t remember how good the world building is. There are so many mysteries I’m invested in. When I read before I stopped reading shortly after the time skip so I’m going to be in uncharted waters soon enough which is exciting. My opinions seems to be pretty similar to common thoughts. It’s a tear jerker of a series with a great cast, comedy and world building but the fights could be better. Excited to keep trucking on.
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    Hello! Obviously, I don't really post on any forums that much anymore. I occasionally lurk but that's about it. I just had a recent life change happen that explains a lot in my life that I've struggled with and couldn't understand why. To back track, I went on mental health leave from my job in December. I was unraveling fast mentally and couldn't be there anymore. I started doing Instacart full time while I was on leave and that's become my primary source of income now. I formally left my job in February. Anyway, during all that I started seeing a therapist to and get an actual diagnosis outside of I'm just depressed/anxious. After a lot of talking and testing, I've been diagnosed with autism. It's obviously of the high functioning variety, but it greatly impacts my social skills, communication and being self righteous about my ways being right. Who knows, maybe if I had this diagnosis much earlier in life I wouldn't have made as many social mistakes and been such an asshole at times. Sometimes I couldn't even understand why I did the things I did, but turns out I'm literally autistic. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It's been fascinating thinking back on my life with this new perspective and trying to figure out what moments my autism actually played a role in. Anyway, don't expect me to be around a lot more suddenly, I just thought I'd share this update as I'm more than positive this newly learned about trait of mine impacted my behavior online in many ways, starting with people here. That doesn't forgive my actions and behaviors, but maybe gives new insight to them instead. Ok that's all!
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    I'm also counting down the days to new Komi-san
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    There was a new discord channel made for it so I've been talking there lol.
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    Can we just make this a spoilers topic at this point? I don't want to deal with spoiler tags. Everyone cool with that? Also how is no one else posting about this but you, Slix??
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    Can Attack on Titan just end already? Shit's dumb but I'm too far into it to quit but we're now going to get a third cour of the "Final Season" and it's like "It's already been fucked up beyond saving, just get to the point already instead of spending 20 minutes an episode with every character making stupid O_O faces while we wait around for Titans to show up again."
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    I am still really enjoying Akane-banashi! Loved this panel. This manga is so much fun!!
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    Different contracts. Anime that gets picked up/produced by Netflix has way different contracts, especially when it comes to voice actors. They actually have union VAs for dubs and translations while the vast majority of other companies who bring these adaptations do not. So, in a sense, Netflix actually does the "right" thing in some regards to this.
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    This one fucking hurts...
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