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  1. Anelle

    Pet Time Party

  2. Anelle

    Famous Deaths

    Kabo-chan of Doge fame 2005-2024
  3. Anelle

    Pet Time Party

    SDF;LBJIAlwDRJwalkJEDRGVLA;EFJKRGLVKAERDFJGVLA;KJWELFGKAWRJG;LKFJ LOOK AT THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM Tell your sister I'm good at naming cats. Also holy shit the last time I shared in here was when Pete was that small????? We've gotten two more cats since him lmaooooooo
  4. Anelle

    The Squirmy Puppy Pub

    So from recent events I have two thoughts--- 1) I'm sorry to hear that, david. You can definitely poke any of us if you need an extra ear. 2) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  5. Anelle

    Summer Season '23

    Bungo Stray Dogs is one of those things I've tried to watch from the first moment it came out and ALWAYS have some life shit crop up that distracts me and then I just forget about it until the next attempt.... rinse and repeat! Maybe next time I try it won't bring any big life events and I can FINALLY see if I actually like it or not lmao
  6. Anelle

    Fall Season '23

    yeah I lost steam quickly lmao. SHOULDN'T BOAST BEFORE I FINISH
  7. Anelle

    [Manga Chat]

    I have read so. much. manga. lately. I'd love (but also be scared to see) a report on how much time I've spent on MangaDex and the couple of official apps I use! Been keeping up with the usual favs on Jump, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, Spy x Family, Akane-banashi, Chainsaw Man I finally gave the Ichinose Family a go and binged that and have been keeping current with it! I fell behind on Sakamoto Days around this time last year, so I need to catch up on a year's worth of that. I got a few chapters of Gokurakugai and Wild Strawberry to read as well. I never finished chapter 1 of Shojo Null so I'll just start that back over and see how I like it. Been reading Kagurabachi as it comes out, other than that I don't think there's anything on there I'm actively wanting to keep up with atm! I'm just now realizing that I never finished PPPPPP and I got like 13 chapters of that left, so I guess I'll round that out too even though it clearly lost me pretty hard there. I think the big thing I'm wanting to tackle Jump-wise is to finally start Kaiju No 8! I've been interested for ages but it seems like every time I remembered that I need to start it up I was in the middle of something else I'd started to read.
  8. Anelle

    Fall Season '23

    What's this? Me taking over the portal by rambling in anime topics? Yes. Yes it is. Still pressing on with JJK, naturally. I binged all of Good Night World over the course of this last weekend, we had our big WoW guild yearly meetup thing but we had to use a different airbnb because the one we'd used for years sold, so it was a different house with a much different layout than we're used to and I had to like.... actually shut myself in our room there when the chaos and ruckus got to be too much for my introverted, autistic ass instead of being able to sit and be more social in a different room....... all this backstory to say I was sulking a bit because I didn't WANT to be a weirdo and so I was gonna put on something I'd never heard of and probably wouldn't care about....... and then just watched the whole ass thing. It wasn't amazing or anything, but it had some of that drama/mystery/weirdness feel to it like .hack//sign did (on a much much smaller scale, .hack//sign is so weird in its atmosphere I fucking love it) so I just ended up watching the whole ass series whenever I had to retreat. I very much want and intend to watch Sousou no Frieren but from the bit I know about the subject matter I need to hold off on this one until I'm ready to confront any of my personal grief from this year and past years around this time since I know it'll bring up FEELS Surprisingly, I haven't watched any of the new Spy x Family eps but that's just because I wanted to finish up stuff I was allllmost done with so that I wouldn't get too distracted. Gonna give Undead Unluck a watch at some point, I tried to keep up with the manga for a while but it was weird and scattered to me and I gave up, but like... I never disliked it or anything, it just wasn't something I felt the need to prioritize. Maybe the anime will keep my attention better? Watched all the available eps of Migi to Dali during one of my retreat times this week as well. Funnily enough ep 3 ended right where I left off in the manga (and then forgot it existed) so from here on in it's new territory there, so looking forward to seeing if that keeps ahold of me! It certainly is an odd series in many ways, unsettling at times and at other times really funny in how the twins have these elaborate schemes and tricks but are still clueless about things! I can't bring myself to give any fucks about Shield Hero this time around, unless my friend who really enjoys it (even after last season) really wants to talk about it then I'll grudgingly watch lol I'll probably eventually check out the new FLCL seasons/series whatever that have come out but before I even dip a toe I would require a rewatch of the OG because it's been too long since I've seen it and I just ain't got time for that atm. I also haven't heard great things about the new stuff, but eh and last but DEFFO not least is Magus Bride season 2 but I also wanna finish my rewatch of the first season because I love it so much and my rewatch got derailed by family stuff. One of those things I don't mind drawing out for a luxurious experience! there's a few other things that I'd be interested in at least checking out at some point but my cup runneth way the fuck over for the foreseeable future so I'm not even gonna try and compile a list.
  9. Anelle

    Summer Season '23

    YOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lemme see I'm keeping current on JJK because, duh I cluster watched in 2s and 3s all of the available zom 100 eps and apparently got to ep 9 on the day it aired, only to find out that it's on hold indefinitely.... still, it was a really fun take on the zombie apocalypse tropes and I love the animation! The "full" opening animation is so fun, it's a shame that it started with ep 9! Been rocking to the song the whole time though! Hopefully they manage to get a TV time slot sooner rather than later so we can get the episodes put up on streaming. I'm actually in the process of finishing the last episode of My Happy Marriage tonight, but took a break to eat and came to slam myself back into convos here because I've done so much binging this month! I've watched this one in 2s or 3s too. A good friend of mine urged me to watch it when it first started up because he knew I'd love it from the first episode and he was right! I'm so predictable! I'm still saving Horimiya: piece for a binge in the very near future since I just had too much going on to watch any of it... so I figure next time I'm looking at some bedrest days I'll have that in my arsenal to lift my mood! Might watch the first ep or two of Dark Gathering tonight since it's spoopy month and I'm always keen to give horror titles a go! I think there's still a few titles from this lineup I wanna try but I ain't got a particular list or order to report in on.
  10. Anelle

    Spring season 2023

    I am pleased to finally inform you that after a few more eps here and there I finally binged the rest of Skip and Loafer this week! What a delightful story, I'll have to check out the manga now to get more of it 😊 I definitely had to be in a better headspace for it, which sounds weird as hell since it's so nice and charming but brain gets weird lol.
  11. Anelle

    Secret Invasion (Disney+ 2023)

    So is this as dogshit as every blurb I see about it says?
  12. Anelle

    Spring season 2023

    It STILL gives me an error in Firefox no matter what I do but it works in Chrome so guess I'll just use chrome for anime time lol
  13. Anelle

    Taking over the portal

    He's too busy with his big important job to hang out with us
  14. Anelle

    Spring season 2023

  15. Anelle

    Taking over the portal

    It's actually kinda refreshing to have a post like this ahahaha