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  1. Anelle

    [Manga Chat]

    I'm behind on a lot of stuff but I did check out the first chapter of Fabricant 100 and it definitely has my interest
  2. Anelle

    [Manga Chat]

    Thank you! It'll even out eventually but it's been rough af. There's been stuff I enjoyed in the Culling Game arc but for the most part it just feels like it just DRAGS so hard, and a lot of the action is hard to read because of the art style. Assuming the anime makes it to this point though.... it'll probably be rad as hell when animated. At least in the latest chapters it really feels more like plot progression than it has in a while! I've never read all of JJBA either.... maybe once I get HxH under my belt I'll go for it too
  3. Anelle

    [Manga Chat]

    I've been super sick from a bunch of med adjustments/new meds and it's been all i can do to barely keep up with things I've never actually read much HxH and I wanna dive into that! I'm actually really fucking sick of the current JJK arc, I'm ready for something else to happen...
  4. Anelle

    Spy X Family

    whatever anime ep just came out, cna't remember atm but chp 70 has stuff really heating up!
  5. i read all the manga but i still dunno what's going on, still here for the ride though like... i'm like "oh i vaguely recognize that" but not much else, the story was all over the place and there's always a million new terms and shit that i'll never remember LESS NAMES FOR THINGS MORE CHOPPY CHOPPY
  6. me watching ep 2
  7. Anelle

    Gundam Thread

    witch ep 3
  8. Anelle

    Spy X Family

    chp 69 omg lolololothnhe it lololthe it's the sex nhujmnkber
  9. Anelle

    [Manga Chat]

    yesssss i have begun my binge, the hype is real
  10. Anelle

    Fall season 2022

    Chainsaw Man was as wild as the manga and all the hype promised I was still a lil skeptical that they'd hold back a bit compared to the manga but uhhhhhhhhh I don't think that's the case now lmao I was also pleasantly shocked that I was able to watch it within 10 minutes of scheduled release time. Usually the huge site breaking hype eps just crash for hours
  11. Anelle

    Summer Anime '22

    Nope, still only 1 ep into that but I'm saving my continued watching of that for after I'm current on brand new stuff (which should be within this week) just so that I don't feel so left behind!
  12. Anelle

    Gundam Thread

    We watched prologue and ep 1 of Witch tonight and at the end of ep 1 I screeched THIS IS MORE GAY THAN I HOPED ALREADY
  13. Got our tickets! Going for a relaxed Sunday brunch showing. Still not watching anything beyond that first teaser trailer even though I've had some talk about the other trailer pass by me. I just wanna experience this in a laid back way just grooooooooovy, man or somethin', I dunno Trying to be excited with tempered expectations I guess.
  14. Anelle

    Fall season 2022

    MY CUP RUNNETH OVER FOR FALL I DUNNO HOW I'M GONNA KEEP UP Here's my list so far but I might get sucked into other stuff as time goes on Spy x Family (it hasn't even been that long since part 1 and I still felt like it was seeing old friends for the first ep of part 2 lmao) Chainsaw Man! FINALLY BNHA I am VERY interested to see how anime-only watchers are gonna lean reaction wise. Mob Psycho 100 yes yes yes Bleach! Did I watch all of the previous anime? Absolutely not. I read the whole manga but I could not tell you a goddamn thing about it. Still, I love the aesthetic and I'm gonna relive some of my younger years To Your Eternity season 2 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa URUSEI YATSURA NEW MAKE LET'S GOOOOOOO Gundam Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch Lee and I are gonna watch together and have been too busy to sit and watch the first ep but I'm gonna push for that tonight or tomorrow I can't wait anymore!!! More Pop Team Epic, for those times where you don't want to think and just laugh Depending on if I like the animation style of the Berserk arc I might give it a watch just because it's been so long since I've read or watched any I will absolutely watch the mini Di Gi Charat eps. I still got a lot of shit to watch from last season and from my backlog in general, good thing I have no life!
  15. Anelle

    Summer Anime '22

    Binged the rest of Summertime Rendering! Absolutely loved it, even having binged the entire manga recently the finale still had me all choked up