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  1. Hornet

    What listen ?

    Unknown Summer by Burial
  2. Hornet

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  3. Hornet

    Famous Deaths

    Kevin Mitnick, (hacker) died 59. Guy was a phone phreak before he even touched a computer. His autobiography, 'Ghost in the Wires' is nuts https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Mitnick
  4. Hornet

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  5. Hornet

    Famous Deaths

    Cormac McCarthy died, aged 93. (Author of The Road, No Country for Old Men, and Blood Meridian.) Massive loss to literature. No-one wrote like him. Once in a century talent and completely unique.
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    What listen ?

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    What listen ?

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    What listen ?

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    What listen ?

  10. Hornet

    The Peripheral (2022)

    2eps in and it's exceeded expectations (and I was pretty excited to begin with.) Excited to see if they make the future as weird as it is in the novel. Heavy recc. Ep 3 on Friday.