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Today's Birthdays - Tassifox

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Happy birthday! 40 is a milestone. Party down! :beer:


I will be joining you in the 40 club in just over a month from now :highfive:

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Oh yea went into my 40's with back pain :badrazz:

So far it's been a great weekend. I took Saturday-Tues off work. So have had lunches with friends, they 3D printed me a Hoosifer from Owl House face to put on my front door :shiny: Bought lots of books, got my cute af Displacer Beast tattoo, and had drinks at one of my favorite watering holes. Today will be lunch and maybe more shopping with 1 friend and then meeting up with collage bestie to get a reading. Tomorrow is unsure but might just be a potato day to ease back into work on Wed :crying:
Also tax refund came in this morning too so morning is starting out great.

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5 hours ago, Tassifox said:

Oh yea went into my 40's with back pain :badrazz:

Get on my level, I've had back pain since my 20s!


But seriously, happy birthday!!! 🎂

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