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Diablo 4

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Lots of potentially helpful/insightful reax to D4 here on the PureDiablo D2 Single Player Forum that you might find interesting to read. These views are of course coming from people that are primarily D2 fans.


PureDiablo is the successor to the old Diabloii.net forums if anybody around here used to post there. The D2 SPF is loaded with great stuff :nod:

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The visuals are nice. There are some nice creature comfort improvements on your backpack. Everything is the same size so far. Super easy to mark stuff to sell. There are different sections for consumables, gear, quest items, etc. I haven't played too much, only level 15 necro, so I can't say how the leveling and stuff works too much. I'm not going to spend any real time working on a build due to the 3 day beta. There are some nice world even type things that other people can help with. Overall it feels good so far. 

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I won't buy it day 1 but I'm at least moderately interested.  I feel like some of the systems are still just Diablo 3 but with some dumb decisions like skill trees requiring points but ultimately being just more annoying versions of what you did in D3 minus the whole "unlock everything" aspect of D3 making switching between builds FAR easier.


I don't love that there is a battle pass season thing.  I don't care that it is just for cosmetics. I like finding shit, not paying for it.


I liked the graphics.  Game is a lot creepier and they really nailed the atmosphere.  I'm just not sure the gameplay is really dialed in right.  We'll see I guess.

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