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Apocalypse Watch 2024

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Welp, sure seems like a lot of stuff is looking pretty dire across the globe. Seems like we got a full on global recession going on with the corporations that own everything know no borders; making the class divide wider and wider. The issues with Israel got the Christians hard for a biblical apocalypse. The conspiracy minded might see all the soft disclosure regarding UFOs/UAPs as trying to ease people into the idea of aliens making contact officially. AI is a huge buzz word(Buzz acronym? Buzz initialism?), and there's plenty of doomsayers on the subject conjuring up images of Terminator, The Matrix, etm. We got land grabbing and concentration camps going on in Asia between Vlad and Xi, which harkens to significant and worrying historical precedents. The US is threatening to civil war again(Personally I think the red caps can all move to Texas and fuck off. Good luck with the power grid). And the worst abusers of the environment are hitting Captain Planet villain status on the levels of not giving a fuck about the Earth. 


Roll up, roll up, place ya bets. What's gonna end it all? WW3? Are the Four Horsemen gonna make an appearance? Something out of the blue like a solar flare or supervolcano? Personally I'm rooting for Aliens or AI to take over. I feel like they can't do any worse than the folks in charge now. I'm gonna be really disappointed if it's zombies.

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The world is just as shitty as it’s ever been but unfortunately I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon. Status quo forever and ever…

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