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  1. Garlic Junior

    NJPW General

    No Wrestle Kingdom chat? Sad times.
  2. Garlic Junior

    Further Education

    I know the American:Londish school system isn't like for like, but I'm wondering what y'all further education experience expedition has been like? I am currently on Yr 2 of a 4-5 year course (eh basically a Degree, but I can quit at any time and be certified) in my third establishment. Got to apply to a different one for my third (and hopefully be the same one for my fourth/fifth year) and goddamn is education kicking my ass right now. First year was a cakewalk. Maybe pandemic helped as it's mostly practical and we were WFH so got given a lot of leeway? But this year has been tough. Anyone else? What you major in? What was the transition from year 1/2/3/4/(5?) like?
  3. Garlic Junior

    Hey so like...

    I am still alive btw
  4. Garlic Junior

    WWE General

    That is goddamn fucking amazing.
  5. Garlic Junior

    AEW General

    So I have binged like 8 weeks of Dynamite in one night and, as much as Andrade and DBD and MJF and Ishii and Statlander and everybody has all stood out to me.... Holy shit. You CANNOT argue against Cody fucking Rhodes for taking that fire bump and playing this tweener gimmick and trying to make himself look like a goddamn star and fucking dragging AEW kicking and screaming into the world while the Bucks were happy selling t-shirts and Kenny was happy cleaning up New Japan holy shit praise Cody goddamn Rhodes already you piece of shit marks that goddamn bump holy shit my eyes ow ow ow ow. I hated Cody up until 4 years and 2 weeks ago when I met him the first time. I loved Cody since 4 years, 1 week, 6 days and 23 hours ago when he made his way to the ring in front of my eyed and CAPTIVATED me. He is a legend. He. Gets. "It". Holy shit that bump. Fuck you if you talk shit about him. Fuck. You.
  6. Garlic Junior

    Cowboy Bebop (Live Action TV Show)

    As someone who wasn't a fan of the anime (I missed the boat, don't hate me). And having watched it with someone who equally missed the anime hype train. Goddamn this show slapped. Hard. We loved the SHIT out of it. Episode 8 definitely felt low budget as fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Really, really poor episode, especially in the first half. But besides that, we laughed, we cried, we had a GODDAMN GOOD TIME. Ep 1 also felt a little ropey with the slow paced fighting but I'll forgive it. Damn this was good. Fuck Netflix and their penchant for not continuing a series. I want more. Closest thing to Firefly I've seen since Serenity. Change my mind meme.jpeg
  7. So, this show fucking ROCKED. The tone was perfect. It tugged at my heartstrings. It made me laugh. The right people looked badass. The relationships felt real. Lalo fucking slayed (of course). My one gripe is it made Black Widow essential viewing to get the full effect of the show. Fuck Black Widow. Piece of trash movie. My other gripe (MT and others should click) [ [
  8. This series is fantastic. I need to stop doubting Marvel at this point. "Eurgh who needs a Hawkeye TV Show?" I said a month ago. What a dumb idiot I was.
  9. Garlic Junior

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)

    Fantastic scene (the bus) sandwiched between a meh start and a meh end.
  10. Garlic Junior

    AEW General

    Super jealous. AEW is so hot right now.
  11. Garlic Junior

    Marvel Studio's Loki (Disney+ 2021)

    I really, really, really enjoyed how Hulu did The Runaways (and to a lesser extent, Cloak & Dagger) so I'm fucking HYPED for this. Although I know they're not really related comic book wise, I've always kinda grouped them all together for some reason. Don't judge me web.
  12. Garlic Junior

    Marvel Studio's Loki (Disney+ 2021)

    Severely disappointed by the ending tbh. ** was fun but everything else felt unsatisfying imo.
  13. Garlic Junior

    Oral Sessions with Renee

    So, been binging this having never watched an episode before. It is VERY hit and miss. But I thought this video was very sweet, really loved how much Renee and Mox played off each other. Also bonus: next guest is Danhausen. Anyone a fan?
  14. Garlic Junior

    Tenet (2020)

    Even worse, that's barely 20 minutes in lol I lasted the full 30 until the Michael Caine scene. Sound problems aside, the editing is fucking insane too. Rapid cuts during dialogue scenes, snipping away bits of movement so the continuity doesn't tie up. I'm sure it's all intended, but it is amateur hour stuff to watch. Nolan was sniffing his own farts too hard on this one.
  15. Garlic Junior

    Last Movie Watched

    I tried my best, but Tenet is literally unwatchable. Holy shit dude, fix your fucking sound.