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    Yes! Low key mostly. I've always felt muted or insignificant to try and plan stuff because of. 1. Stupid Hallmark Day 2. Ultimate Sportsball Day either falling around or on my birthday. And then getting older, harder to get friends together, and currently things have been on my mind so it feels like there's no point in it right now. Thankfully i got good friends who remind me otherwise. - Went to my fave meadery and stocked up on the good stuff. -Went to besties place because we were gonna do sleepover/drink boozy slushies/binge stream. -She surprised me with other mutual besties for hangout and cake. (What i'm calling glitterbomb cake because sprinkles were eeeeeeeeeverywhere). -She then shooed off people because she made a reservation at a yummy bistro. Were i had steamed mussles, wagyu burger+fries (she had steak n hash with brussle sprouts) and shared bite size beignets for dessert. Then came back and chilled with the sleepover with another bestie till crashed. Had breakfast sammiches and donuts. Then chilled at home because absolute rain all weekend. Lol *not pictured burger and mussles because too excited to taste.
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