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dr. b

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

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Has anybody else seen it yet? 


I took my daughter to see it yesterday afternoon, and we both enjoyed it quite a bit! The movie was dubbed, which isn't my preference, but oh well. On such a big screen, I might have missed all the action while reading subs.


I'll add in my thoughts and comments later, don't have time to type it all up now.

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That can't be right..?


Who knew this used to be a DBZ board!? :rotfl: 


Anyways, my random and rambling thoughts about this movie:


Cool to see the Red Ribbon Army back.

Magenta and Dr. Hedo were kinda 'meh'--could have been more compelling--but they (and Carmine) had a few amusing moments and that was good enough for a DB movie. The story Magenta fed Hedo about Bulma, Capsule Corp., Goku and the gang, was legitimately amusing given the times we live in. These guys are not ranking super high on a list of best DB villains ever, but they were good enough.

At first I thought the new androids were lame, and I didn't love that first encounter between Piccolo and Gamma 2 (the Batman-esque visual sound effects--no thanks!) but they grew on me throughout the movie. Of course they were good guys in the end. Easy to see that coming miles away. Nice of Bulma to let Hedo join Capsule Corp at the end.

Pan is adorable as heck.

DB Super Videl :love2: Definitely one of the best character upgrades going from DBZ to Super.

The whole Red Ribbon infiltration and fake kidnapping scheme were fun. Pan knocking out that goon with one hit was awesome. She's not afraid of anybody! 

Bulma using Shenron to give her butt a lift is fantastic stuff :rotfl: 

The action in the latter half of the movie was all very good.

I guess I'm a sucker for "playing the oldies" but I loved that they threw in a kienzan, taiyoken, and Piccolo doing the giant form transformation thing. Since the movie was dubbed, we got to hear Krillin belt out a "Destructo Disk!" Dub is not my preference, but I've always found that little bit of the English dub amusing... Kienzan sound cooler yet though.

I am also glad that fusion only played a very minor role in this. I've never been a huge fan of fusion. Fat Gotenks making a minor appearance just for funsies felt about right, if they had to have some form of fusion appear in the movie.

I guess it's alright that they gave Piccolo and Gohan the spotlight in this one. I'm not a massive Gohan fan, but he's gotta do something cool eventually, right? The jury is still deliberating on "Orange Piccolo" but leaning towards a ruling of "Cool but FUGLY" :fup: :rotfl: Gohan's new transformation was pretty rad, and I'm glad that for once he didn't screw it all up. There has to be a bit of the killer instinct in there somewhere. His Special Beam Cannon was top notch. I was a bit surprised that Cell Max didn't have one last gasp in him, but the movie ran out of time for it. Usually the Z Fighters don't win quite that easily.

Cell Max was just a big dumb angry thing that looked like Cell but lacked his personality. That was probably a missed opportunity..? Unless maybe this is just laying the groundwork for an upcoming movie or manga arc where a for complete Cell Max threatens to destroy the Earth.

Overall, a solid DB movie, and one that I will for sure watch again.

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I plan on seeing it soon, but I'll probably have to sail the seven seas to do it.  Can't really afford to go to the theater right now 

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I was actually surprised the tickets didn't cost more. We hadn't been to the theatre in forever. The concession prices were criminal though. Two bags of popcorn and two drinks were more $$$ than our two movie tickets :ugh: 

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Movie was cool a fuck btw


Finally, BURNING PICCOLO is back in action and just a Saiyan nanny :')

I thought it was fun seeing Gohan boop between his various most powerful states

Godzilla Cell was so-so, best part of Cell was NORIO WAKAMOTO and we just got some of his repurposed screams


Generally a cool movie and fun seeing the secondary cast get a lot more screen time, but also nothing as hype as GO BROLY GO BROLY GO BROLY CAM ON BROLY GOGETA GOGETA GOGETA OH AY OH

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Yeah, I agree it was pretty great. Me and the kiddo re-watched the Broly movie about a week after seeing Super Hero at the theatre. I might have actually liked Super Hero just a biiiit better, but they're two very solid DB movies, no matter which way you slice it. I want more!

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