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in content posted in Fall Season '23 and posted by Psycho666Soldier.

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Nintendo Switch

Found 8 results

  1. Psycho666Soldier

    Fall Season '23

    I finished Zom 100 the other day. Was a really good show regardless of whether it continues or not. It's nice to get media about a zombie apocalypse that isn't bleak, but rather feel-good while also still touching on a lot of deeper themes. Plus the analogies to the pandemic and how people evolved(or devolved) through that are obviously palpable.
  2. Psycho666Soldier

    Fall Season '23

    I will say in its favor that it doesn't really feel like it follows a lot of Shonen Tropes other than there's a lot of action in it and there's an emphasis on friendships, but I can't even imagine comparing it to Bleach or Black Clover. You could argue it has the too many characters issue and it did have a lull in the manga where it felt a bit stretchy, but I feel they turned it around in a way that makes it feel special. If nothing else, the style of the anime has done it a lot of favors to help it stand out.
  3. Psycho666Soldier

    Fall Season '23

    It looks like it's only on Hulu in the states. Not sure if it's different anywhere else or it's on another app I've missed, but yeah, thought it was a bit odd it wasn't on Crunchyroll
  4. Psycho666Soldier

    Fall Season '23

    Any of you checked out Undead Unluck yet?
  5. Psycho666Soldier

    Fall Season '23

    I think the main thing that bothered me, from what I remember, is that he supported Ymir's ambition by carrying out the king's will, whom she loved, despite the fact that the king was a manipulative, abusive piece of shit, and it comes off like abuse apologism. I think there was something about how doing this somehow set her free from that, but it didn't seem like enabling her desire to carry out the king's will was the right way to do that. What makes that particularly bad is the manga painted it as it was somehow noble and it just made me feel all kinds of ick. I might have read a fan translation so maybe something was lost/misconstrued there, but it made it a little harder for me to accept the ending as a good one. Anyway, I'll probably catch up on all the last bit of AoT anime I skipped so far and see if that is the case or if they framed it better. Still overall love the series. And am happy with an "Eren did bad things" ending, just didn't really like the framing of it from my read.
  6. Psycho666Soldier

    Fall Season '23

    I'm assuming they kept the manga ending fully intact? Because Eren's reason for doing what he did for Ymir is hella fucking yikes.
  7. Psycho666Soldier

    Fall Season '23

    So far Undead Unluck has definitely translated well as an anime. The breackneck pace helps fuel the chaotic energy, and the animation and sound design is pretty great. But they haven't even gotten close to the scattered stuff where you got lost so time will tell(for what it's worth, I also almost stopped reading at that point but it started pulling it back together after that point). My partners like so far.
  8. Psycho666Soldier

    Fall Season '23

    Excited for Spy x Family and Dr. Stone of course Definitely recommend checking out Undead Unluck. I'm curious how it turns out in the anime. It grabbed me early in the manga, then kind of lost me and thought they might have been getting cancelled, and then it swerved into being one of my low-key favorites to follow each week.