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in content posted in Taking over the portal and posted by dr. b.

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Nintendo Switch

Found 8 results

  1. dr. b

    Taking over the portal

    Bummer. That's a lot of backlog to catch up on!
  2. dr. b

    Taking over the portal

    We successfully summoned Ma Jr ! High fives all around Are you watching Zom 100 this season? If yer getting overworked at your job then you'll totally identify with the the main character What kinda job are you working?
  3. dr. b

    Taking over the portal

    @Vic Boss are you out there..!?
  4. dr. b

    Taking over the portal

    IIRC, I started lurking and then posting a little bit on the DBZ Center boards when I was in grade 10, so sometime in 2000. Wow that feels like a long time ago now I have to say, it's great seeing some more activity around this place the last couple days! Now what do we gotta do to get Ma to come back???
  5. dr. b

    Taking over the portal

    More like 20+ years ago at this point I am bringing back the retro posting style from simpler times of the Internet
  6. dr. b

    Taking over the portal

    Don't mind me. Just needed one more post and there weren't any good threads to bump. * * * It is done