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in content posted in What out-of-season anime have you watched recently? and posted by dr. b.

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Nintendo Switch

Found 33 results

  1. Odd Taxi was indeed very good. I kept praising it in the seasonal thread ... holy shit that was like two years ago now Anyways, nobody else got on board to discuss it with me at the time I loved everything about this one!
  2. I watched the new Spriggan mini-series on Netflix this week. Pretty good stuff. Animation quality dipped in a few spots, and the translation could have used some more proof-reading, but I enjoyed it overall. Hopefully there will be more. There was a post-credits scene in the final episode.
  3. There aren’t many Gundams left that I haven’t watched at least once. I’d have to look over a full listing of series, movies, etc. to remember everything Wing is indeed still really good IMO. Not my favourite, the OG Gundam series are better, but really good anyway. And Wing happened to be the one that got me into Gundam during my formative teenage anime-watching years. It holds a special place I also agree that G Gundam is a blast! A couple more recent candidates for a rewatch for me are IBO (fantastic stuff ) and G-Reco (it was confusing and I wanted to like it more than I actually did … but maybe it will be better the second time?) In other news, me and the kiddo finally finished Digimon Adventure this week. The final battle was pretty great. But I think we could have got there in quite a bit less than 67 episodes. The series was too long overall but there were still lots of good moments in there.
  4. I’ve been thinking lately that I’m overdue to watch a Gundam something or other. Right now I’m leaning towards a Gundam Wing re-watch, since it’s been several years since my last trip down that memory lane
  5. Slow and steady, the supporting characters are growing on me. What an odd bunch. The Dragon Force girl is probably my fav so far
  6. Finally started watching Komi Can’t Communicate last night. I’m eight episodes in now and enjoying it so far. Komi is of course very easy to cheer for and my favourite character Tadano is great too. The secondary characters are a mixed bag but they’re starting to grow on me.
  7. After a long layoff, me and the kiddo are back to watching Digimon Adventure (2020). We're at episode 62 now. I think at this point nearly all of the team has activated the crests on their Digivices, so I guess there's not much left but the final showdown. There have been some fun moments in these last few episodes. Each characters gets a little spotlight. But it's getting a bit long and drawn out too. I'm ready for it to be over.
  8. I finished off Those Snow White Notes last night. More awesome music throughout the final episodes, but I wasn't very satisfied by the ending. Too many things left unresolved. It feels like there should be one more episode to tie up some loose ends... give us an OVA or something. The source material is a long running manga, so they of course cannot wrap up everything in just one season of anime, but surely they could have ended this better Unless there's going to be a second season eventually, though I doubt that.
  9. Watched another 5 episodes of Those Snow White Notes last night. The group performances at the competition were great. Setsu is starting to figure out his sound. I wish I started watching this sooner.
  10. I watched the first four episodes of Those Snow White Notes last night. I like it quite a bit. I thought of checking it out during the spring season, but I was already watching several other shows. Now I can just binge watch it The shamisen music is fantastic. The story itself is not incredible, and the pacing is faster than I expected (especially the first episode—lots going on!) Also the mom character is just ridiculous. But whatever. The music is very cool.
  11. After riding the nostalgia high of listening to pillows songs over and over again last week after I finished FLCL Progressive, I went ahead and re-watched the original FLCL again (for the second time this month ) Doesn't matter than I had just re-watched it like a week before, I loved every second of it. After that, I moved on to FLCL Alternative. I think I liked Progressive a bit better overall, but Alternative was alright. Neither are on the same level as the original, but both sequels had elements I enjoyed. Progressive had a stronger finish than Alternative IMO. Before I move on to something else from my old to-watch list, I gotta watch the Hathaway movie, and maybe that new anime movie on Netflix (soda pop something or other?)
  12. I finished FLCL Progressive tonight. I went in with rather low expectations — didn’t want to get my heart broken — but in the end I enjoyed it quite a bit. The first two or three episodes were just okay. I was not totally in love with it like the original FLCL, but it was okay. I think the fourth episode was where it really hit it’s stride for me. From there on out it was pretty darn great. Overall it was good. Not life-changing-good like the original, but very solid. It was not a bad sequel that tarnished the original for me. (Phew! ) the pillows are still fantastic. Some the new tracks were great, and I love that they busted out some of the classics too like “Last Dinosaur” and “I Think I Can” It kills me how good this song is
  13. Yeah the FLCL soundtrack is just one hit after another. I love the pillows. Fantastic use of music throughout all 6 episodes. Like I said in a previous post, it still holds up after all these years. Every time I rewatch it, it feels like the first time all over again. So good. An all-time favourite for me.
  14. Started watching FLCL again tonight. It still holds up. For me, this is basically the pinnacle of anime. I can’t remember how many times I’ve watched it now, but it’s been a few years since my last rewatch. I also haven’t listened to the pillows much in a while either. Everything about it is just killing me right now It don’t get better than this. I am still hesitant to watch FLCL Progressive or Alternative, but perhaps I will take the plunge into those after I finish the O.G. FLCL
  15. I think it's worth a look! It wasn't a huge hit, but I really liked it. I think the common complaint from people was "nothing happens in this show" or something along those lines. It was a bit slower and atmospheric IIRC. Even when not much was happening, it was a beautiful thing to look at. I really liked the style.
  16. I agree that isekai can be very hit or miss. There are some good ones though. Did you watch Grimgar, @Chel ? I want to re-watch .hack//SIGN one of these days. Been nearly 20 years I remember thinking it was quite good. I’d like to see if it holds up.
  17. Akudama Drive was an anime original, not inspired by a manga or other source material, so the anime is all you get (unless it was popular enough for the creators to make a spin-off of some sort)
  18. Forgot to mention: I also really liked Hoodlum and Brawler's part of the story. It was pretty predictable how things were going to go with Hoodlum at the end there, but it was satisfying all the same.
  19. I finished Akudama Drive last night. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Guess I'll spoiler my thoughts on it just in case:
  20. I restarted my Funi subscription so I decided to check out Akudama Drive. I missed out on it during the fall season. Zipped through 5 episodes because I couldn't sleep last night. I'm enjoying it so far!
  21. I forgot that part. Nearly died of laughter the first time I watched that episode, still hilarious seeing it again
  22. I polished off Cat's Eye this week. Now that the NBA is back in full swing, I'll probably give the oldies a break because I'm gonna have basketball on the TV most evenings (unless COVID derails the season )
  23. I wonder if we'll ever get another season of Hajime no Ippo...
  24. I remember Shimoneta, that show was a barrel of laughs I'm still cruising along with Cat's Eye, one or two episodes a night.