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in content posted in Famous Deaths and posted by Mera'din.

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Nintendo Switch

Found 7 results

  1. Mera'din

    Famous Deaths

    When I said I was sad that important faces/voices from my childhood were dying, that didn't mean I wanted important faces/voices from my adulthood to die instead. Seriously though, this one hits pretty hard. Especially since he was posting his usual goofy shit on Twitter just the day before.
  2. Mera'din

    Famous Deaths

    These last couple have really hit me in the feels. Both were absolutely massive chunks of my childhood and it feels really weird knowing they're gone. Especially since neither was particularly old.
  3. Mera'din

    Famous Deaths

    Holy shit. Now that one is utterly unexpected.
  4. Mera'din

    Famous Deaths

    Ivan Reitman died last week. 75 so at least not crazy young like some of the recent ones, but not super old either.
  5. Mera'din

    Famous Deaths

    Louie Anderson as well. Guy probably hasn't been relevant since his stint on Family Feud, but I always liked his comedy when I was a kid.
  6. Mera'din

    Famous Deaths

    Guess I spoke too soon about it just being people in their 90s so far.
  7. Mera'din

    Famous Deaths

    We already have another from just a few days ago as well. Sidney Poitier died on the 6th. At least the current string are people well into their 90s that have lived pretty full lives. Still sucks though.