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  1. Call me a big softie but I was more into the MC's reaction to the horrific shit
  2. I recently watched Inuyashiki and really enjoyed it, I was super surprised (then not so surprised once I thought about it) that it was created by the same mangaka who did Gantz Also I was late to the party but I watched and read Demon Slayer and thoroughly enjoyed it Aaaaalso we rewatched all of Hajime no Ippo earlier in the year
  3. Chris Avellone on staff, instant want
  4. Hoob

    Destiny 2

    I got the gun as it came out, if anyone needs help lemme know and I'll hop on NA or wherever (on PC)
  5. Hoob

    Hi! I'm Erika.

    I only just noticed your profile pic on facebook so I came back to the forums to say congrats lol
  6. I barely paid attention to hearts in atlantis and I was even then super disappointed at how shit the movie turned out compared to the book
  7. Hoob

    Cowboy Bebop (Live Action TV Show)

    It just reeks of the whole overselling of sequels and remakes that are fashionable right now and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I won't shit on anyone else for wanting to give money to that stuff and I honestly envy them for the ability to just like stuff but I can't help but feel this way about a lot of whats coming out lately. At the end of the day Cowboy Bebop still holds up in terms of quality for the most part and if I wanna see it again I can just watch it again.
  8. Hoob

    Cowboy Bebop (Live Action TV Show)

    Its not very far into this trend of live actioning anime and I'm already tired of it, sorry to be a party pooper but it just seems like a hollow cash grab to me with nothing interesting added in
  9. Hoob

    PC Game Launchers

    My personal problem with the whole Epic store thing is that EA has their Origin, Ubisoft has their launcher, Acti-blizz has their launcher and then there's steam. At what point can I just have my games and not bloat my shit with their unnecessarily flashy, buggy launchers. If Epic really wanted people to start buying from their store they'd do some kinda exclusive deals or minor discounts or in game promotional content, these methods would be honey where they're currently using vinegar. It only serves to potentially hurt developers who buy into it and their sales suffer!
  10. Hoob

    Roll Call

    Ayy! Lets itch together!
  11. Hoob

    Phone Wallpapers/Lock Screens

    I've recently gotten into the Yakuza series
  12. Hoob

    Roll Call

    I got a lot of planning things I wanted to do ahead of me, the whole thing gave me a kick up the arse to get doing with things I wanted to do!
  13. Hoob

    Best John Carpenter Movie?

    I'll be honest, even though I had it on dvd I never finished watching it, for some reason it just couldn't hold my attention
  14. Hoob

    Roll Call

    I gotta fight the urge to say "not a lot" so here is a basic run down: Dieting and losing weight (finally, lost almost 30lbs so far) Dad died late 2017 so recently started settling down and stuff after everything to do with that Recently diagnosed with something called chronic urticaria so im an itchy boi Got a goofy and fun gf Learning to drive (finally) Other than that I still play too many videogames