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  1. Rulkster

    Today's Birthdays - wab

    Day late but happy bday you cool dude you
  2. Rulkster

    Currently Playing?

    Got back into playing WOW and it's consuming most of my free time. Waiting for the 17th to play Mario RPG remake and hopefully enjoy it as much as the OG.
  3. Rulkster

    Taking over the portal

    No free time for you! Work till you die like most of the western world.
  4. Rulkster

    Completed Games 2023

    I did enjoy the choose your own adventure aspect of it, as it changes the story slightly. I suppose another gripe about the game though is to get the "golden" ending you need to do at least one new game plus. Personally I feel like it's kind of a 1 and done so I'm not sure ill ever get that ending.
  5. Rulkster

    Last Movie Watched

    Haunted Mansion Took my niece and nephew to a movie and apparently they were really looking forward to seeing this so off we went. It's a kids movie obviously but had a decent amount of humor to keep me entertained. I'd recommend watching it with some little ones.
  6. Rulkster

    2024 Baseball Season

    Fair. Doesn't matter the sport, it's just amazing to watch a forever elite team start to fall.
  7. Rulkster

    2024 Baseball Season

    A quick scan of the topic and I happy to know I'm not the only one enjoying the Yankees losing.
  8. Rulkster

    Completed Games 2023

    triangle strategy: I did really enjoy the game. Only issue i had was on my own end, when I was expecting it to be a new FFT and set myself up for a slight let down.
  9. Rulkster

    A wild Rulk update.

    Heyyo friends, been lurking for a bit and thought I'd give everyone a quick update and also just vent a little since it's been quite a year for good old rulk, some good some bad. Start with the bad. My sister passed away in February so been doing lots to be there for my family and dealing with that. Dad has been in and out of the hospital with heart issues but luckily that seems to be clearing up and he's been much healthier recently. Good news time though. Had my one year anniversary with lady rulk and were planning on babies in the near future. About to complete my apprenticeship, so sweet sweet money be coming my way. Also we hit our savings goal so the house buying is any day now. So all in all started the year off terrible but staying positive and powering through. /ventover
  10. Rulkster

    Final Fantasy V - Four Job Fiesta

    double bard chemist and mystic knight 😕 Winning won't be hard but until I get those good songs, it's gonna suck
  11. Rulkster

    Final Fantasy V - Four Job Fiesta

    I remember my last run I had to beat the earth worm with bards and I was not having a good time.
  12. Rulkster

    Final Fantasy V - Four Job Fiesta

    I'll start this when I get home I think
  13. Rulkster

    Post Your Picture!

    No clue haha I'll post when that happens
  14. Rulkster

    Post Your Picture!

    Finally got married to lady rulk.
  15. Rulkster

    Post Your Picture!

    Me and the lady were in the rockies a few weeks ago.