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  1. Rulkster

    Final Fantasy V - Four Job Fiesta

    double bard chemist and mystic knight 😕 Winning won't be hard but until I get those good songs, it's gonna suck
  2. Rulkster

    Final Fantasy V - Four Job Fiesta

    I remember my last run I had to beat the earth worm with bards and I was not having a good time.
  3. Rulkster

    Final Fantasy V - Four Job Fiesta

    I'll start this when I get home I think
  4. Rulkster

    Post Your Picture!

    No clue haha I'll post when that happens
  5. Rulkster

    Post Your Picture!

    Finally got married to lady rulk.
  6. Rulkster

    Post Your Picture!

    Me and the lady were in the rockies a few weeks ago.
  7. A friend of mine was saying the author used to be a delinquent so that's why he wrote the story. I have no idea how true that statement is but it's kinda neat.
  8. Rulkster

    Diablo 2 Resurrected

    I've been eyeing it up but I know I'll play it for about 2 weeks and call it quits
  9. I'd agree with this 100% It started great and had a good flow. Then just turned into a big pile of meh that slowed right down.
  10. Rulkster

    Final Fantasy V - Four Job Fiesta

    as much as I love ff4 i don't replay it because the game is loved with nostalgia goggles
  11. Rulkster

    Today's Birthdays - Darkce

    Happy Bday ya frinken child
  12. Rulkster

    Happy Birthday Anelle

    Happy Birthday Nelle! and a happy day to you too KK.
  13. Rulkster


    I even suggested lee I think in the zoom call >.>
  14. Rulkster

    Final Fantasy V - Four Job Fiesta

    Late reply but I don't think I'll have time for a run this year 😕 Tempted to random one out just for the lols tho.
  15. Rulkster

    Today's Birthdays - MT AKA The Baddest Bitch of 'em all

    I forgot to log on and say it but ya know hope ya had the bestest bday!