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in content posted in Gundam Thread and posted by Vic Boss.

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Nintendo Switch

Found 7 results

  1. Vic Boss

    Gundam Thread

    Episode 6 was the best one so far
  2. Vic Boss

    Gundam Thread

    Witch 3
  3. Vic Boss

    Gundam Thread

    Mercury E2
  4. Vic Boss

    Gundam Thread

    The Witch From Mercury My Gundam Academia E1 Kinda hoping the setting changes in the near future or this is just a seasonal arc or something, Gay Highschool isn't really the first, second or fourth thing when I think Gundam (definitely the third thing because of Wing and 00 though, SO NOT ENTIRELY OUT OF POCKET)
  5. Vic Boss

    Gundam Thread

    The Witch From Mercury Prologue
  6. Vic Boss

    Gundam Thread

    Economics of it are tricky, I guess. Mecha's not as popular as it used to be and new serious Gundams are expensive to make (everything after IBO was a movie or an ONA with a handful of episodes and a high budget), and they can just make those Gundam Build or Gunpla animes instead with kids playing with Gundam toys and sell more shit that way.
  7. Vic Boss

    Gundam Thread

    >2021 >Not having a Gundam thread What in the shit Anyways, just finished simul-watching Hathaway's Flash Movie 1. Very Tomino. Intense politics while being bombarded with whacko names like "boozlecau" and "quikiram" and you think you caught the important words and their meanings but you might not've. Mecha battle animation was cool (though a bit dark) and the food-eating animation was also top-notch