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in content posted in Gundam Thread and posted by Lucy.

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Nintendo Switch

Found 5 results

  1. Lucy

    Gundam Thread

    Doubleposting because I found out something interesting and funny: Gundam Witch Episode 1
  2. Lucy

    Gundam Thread

    Gundam Witch Prologue -> Episode 1
  3. Lucy

    Gundam Thread

    Gundam Witch Prologue: Gundam Witch Episode 1:
  4. Lucy

    Gundam Thread

    Ma guided me through the OG Gundam universe, it's great The later non-OG series like Wing are good, too, but there's a reason Universal Century OG Gundam has staying power! I have a big soft spot for Wing too as it was My First Gundam. The dark horse of the franchise that you should also check out is G Gundam, which is ridiculous and I love it; it's essentially about Gundam pit fighting with a heavy wrestling influence, and some really cheesy drama thrown in!
  5. Lucy

    Gundam Thread

    Gundam Hathaway 1 was pretty good! Production values were high and the characters were interesting, and the Sawano Hiroyuki soundtrack was impeccable.