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in content posted in What out-of-season anime have you watched recently? and posted by Vic Boss.

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Found 18 results

  1. Mannn, War in the Pocket was even better than the first time I watched it ;_;>
  3. Just watched the Boruto Movie. I kept putting it off because the first scene of the anime involving Kawaki was so well animated that I thought Kawaki stuff was part of the movie but it turns out it had nothing to do with it and I'd passed the part of the anime that told this story a long time ago I think it was okay overall. The anime's additions really fleshed things out a lot more so you actually grew to like Boruto a bit and being disappointed in his actions instead of spending 2/3rds of the movie disliking him. Or Naruto being a neglectful father was driven home a lot more. Or with Sarada's relationship with Sasuke is heavily dealt with instead of just "Oh it's just my silly dad who's technically an exile and I don't even know who he is." Or the continuation of the Ohtsutsuki storyline with more interesting tidbits to it than the movie (and a bridge into the Kawaki stuff, which I think even as a rehash is getting pretty good). The last battle scene was still mostly spectacular though (there's a view "fight with Pain" style animation hiccups).
  4. Just finished off watching canon Bleach (still gonna watch the filler), including the Fullbringer Arc for the first time. Original Soul Society arc still hype, the Arrancar arc is sometimes hype and sometimes not (and it feels a little scattershot near the end).
  5. Dr Giovanni sure became a top-tier creeper
  6. Shit, did I spoiler that part?
  7. What the fuck, when did Kimetsu no Yaiba become one of the best selling manga of all time and the movie become the highest grossing movie in Japan of all time? Or more what I mean to say: When the shit did this become that massively popular? The anime was dope (and those visuals were stunning) but I never got the sense this was the next Shonen Jump OU- SAMA (Also I guess I need to watch the movie because it's a sequel to the anime?) Finished The BOUNTO arc in Bleach. I'm actually kind of impressed with it. Almost 50ish eps of lower-than-series-standard-quality was probably horrifying to see live, but I thought the overall story structure was very Bleach-like, I liked the new doll characters, the bad guys had a cool power set and seemed like they would be something that's naturally part of the Bleach universe, some of the fights were cool (the Captains vs Bounto 1 vs 1 fights especially), and they even tried to fake character development, which I appreciated. The part at the beginning to introduce the dolls was pretty bad and I think the middle of the arc took a bit longer than it should've to get to SEIREITEI. Also in other Bleach news, I completely forgot the Vaizard existed at all.
  8. To be QUITE HONEST In this moment of honesty I'm not having a bad time with the Bleach filler BOUNTO Arc
  9. Nah, the anime wouldn't have been worth watching if Inuyashiki-ojii wasn't there to be the moral conscience One of the most satisfying moments is when
  10. I WANT DIS ONREE SAGASHI MOTOMERU Inuyashiki was a violent and wildly entertaining trip. It can go from one of the more horrifying murders I've seen on anime to one of the best
  11. There's a really, really, really good Boruto anime-canon (aka filler) arc that I'm super digging despite the flaws
  12. Halfway through Episode 2 of Bleach and the music is so fucking on point. Opening, ending, background music. Always had badass character designs too
  13. Still on the catchup with Boruto (harder to defend but I can still do it), but Naruto's mostly easy to defend as a great series (as long as we're skipping the filler, also can't defend the endless-anime animation valleys, don't Pain Arc me ;_;) I'm about to start a Bleach rewatch in a day or so (one episode per day pace, so 7 per week), only watched it once, didn't finish the final arc before it got cancelled. Gonna watch the filler arcs too but haven't decided if I should watch those after I'm caught up on the main story or before
  14. Watched Godzilla 3: Planet Eater and rewatched Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale with THE BOYS. Godzilla 3 was okay up until about halfway (these specific Godzilla movies are very technical and fast-dialogue heavy). The 3D animation was incredible. Just the story got too philosophical and not enough giant-monster-fighting. The SAO movie was fucking great. I originally went into it thinking it'll just be some well-animated side-story like a lot of these are, but the everything about is just the right kind of SAO. Beautiful anime-Japan landscapes and city-shots and VR-scapes, amazing looking battle sequences, sheds further light on Aincrad, an uncensored version with ASUNA . P. great.
  15. Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale Expected it to be throwaway plot because anime movies tend to be, instead got Aincrad lore and events and pretty fight scenes ;_;
  16. Rewatched Godzilla - Planet of the Monsters It's more like an Alien movie mixed with Attack on Titan. Really good bleak set-up, a lot of sci-fi analysis shit (the 3D effect really works with this) Thing I loved best about it
  17. For anime series and movies that haven't been released in the current season. I'm gonna clear out some of the movies and things that I've gotten behind on while the quarantine is making things difficult for regular anime seasons Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva was a really well-animated movie, pretty perfectly captured the feeling of the games. One sequence felt a little off Also this guy being voiced by Hochu Otsuka was great