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Berserk Golden Age Memorial Edition E01


- Feels like I fought Bazuso like 800 times in the video game so he's a bit nostalgic now
- Forgot how Young Guts gives no fucks about being in battle, and how he killed a few of the Band of the Hawk on their first encounter
- He also looks like a baseball player setting for a swing at the plate
- Man, Guts was really gonna cave Casca's skull in, huh
- Casca just punched him in the wound  :lol:
- Guts flirting with death just so he can figure out a way to struggle to survive
- Guts getting mad that Griffith called him out on it, and then he immediately starts a fight while wounded instead of waiting to heal up
- Oh look, another intro/outro with the Golden Age turning to ashes and blowing away in the wind ;_;

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